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Wecashanycar will buy your used hatchback for instant cash. We offer the best trading prices in the UAE, which is based on bids from a sophisticated e-trading platform.
What is a hatchback?
A hatchback is a vehicle with a rear compartment that swings open to access the boot compartment. The back seats can often be folded down to increase the cargo size of the boot. It is described as a traditionally built vehicle, which is mostly low to the ground and fairly compact. The hatchback has two or four side doors and is known as a three-door or five-door car because the rear door has a window, which counts as door. The roof typically curves downwards into the boot lid.
Hatchback history
First produced by Citroën in 1938 as the Citroën 11CV Commerciale, and quickly replicated by car brands like Aston Martin and Renault, the hatchback is a popular car found all over the world that is favoured for its compact design and economic practicality. There are smaller hatchbacks, like the VW Golf and the Ford Focus, and larger, luxury styled hatchbacks like Audi’s Sportback and BMWs Gran Turismo car models.
Reasons why UAE drivers love the hatchback
Some of the reasons why people, particularly young professionals and families in Dubai, love a hatchback is because of its signature features, which include:

Having a large boot/cargo area
Versatile, folding-back seats
Flexible parking, which makes it easy to manoeuvre
Value for money and cost-effective to run

The easiest way to sell my used hatchback
Wecashanycar aims to get you the best trading price for your used hatchback. We offer our customers a free, personalised vehicle inspection that is accurate and hassle-free. Get a cash offer today by filling out the online form to make an appointment with our team of car buying experts.

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