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What is a Coupé?
The coupé has often been referred to as the “coolest car on the road.” It is one of those vehicles that typically has a sleek and sloping roofline with two-doors: two functional seats in the front of the car and two smaller seats in the back of the car. Simply put, this vehicle is all about style and performance.
The stylish origins of the coupé explained
The coupé’s origins lie in the 18th century Berline horse-drawn carriage that was built for two passengers. The first coupé models of the early 1900s had the same type of design, which evolved to become an enclosed car with two to three seats. Despite the practical challenges that the car may pose, it remains a popular choice for singles and professionals. It is also quite pricey compared with other vehicles, like the hatchback or the sedan. Contemporary coupé models favoured by most drivers in the UAE include the BMW 2 Series, Audi TT, Jaguar E-Type and the Porsche 911.
Reasons why UAE drivers love the coupé
Some of the reasons why people in Dubai love the high-performance coupé include its:

Stylish design – most coupés are show stoppers
Great performance abilities
Cost-effective fuel costs

The easiest way to sell my used coupé
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