Sell My Convertible


Wecashanycar will buy your used convertible for cash. We can offer you the best trading prices based on bids from our sophisticated, e-trading platform.

What is a convertible?

A convertible, or cabriolet, is a vehicle that has a retractable roof, that is either hard- or soft-covered, offering an open-air driving experience. The car can be driven with or without the roof secured in place and its design is either in the form of a two-seater or four-seater depending on the make and model.

History of the convertible

In the early days of the automobile, most cars were manufactured without roofs or even sides. However, as engines became increasingly more powerful and, as mass-produced steel body cars emerged in the 1920s, it became mainstream to fully enclose a vehicle. Thus, the convertible emerged as the luxury, upmarket car model due to its unconventional design and has remained that way for decades.

Today, there are all types of convertibles and some of the most popular models include the Audi R8 Quattro Spyder, Porsche 911 GTS, Alfa Romeo 4C and the Ford Mustang EcoBoost.

Reasons why UAE drivers love the convertible

Convertibles are quite popular in the UAE, especially during the winter. Some of the reasons why people in Dubai love the convertible and we believe you should be driving one, include its:

  • Impressively stylish design
  • Unique and unequalled open-air driving experience
  • Safety – as it eliminates blind spots
  • Top resale value, especially during the winter season

The easiest way to sell my used convertible

Partner with wecashanycar to sell your used convertible Fill out our online form to make an appointment and get a personalised, free on-site evaluation/inspection from our team of qualified engineers and car buyers. We can give you an instant cash payment within the hour – subject to our inspection and your acceptance of our offer. Selling your car has never been this hassle-free, risk-free or convenient.

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