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The top Maybach cars of all time

The first Maybach automobile was manufactured in 1889 by Wilhelm Maybach, an engineer who worked with Gottlieb Daimler and specialised in designing combustion engines. From then on, Maybach productions grew in number and fame, with the duo earning a reputation for their big, powerful and luxurious cars. In 1919, Maybach partnered with his son, Karl Maybach to produce the first Maybach W1 prototype. This was debuted as the W3 during the 1921 Berlin Auto Show. By 1930, Maybach was Germany’s most luxurious car and the release of the Maybach Zeppelin DS 8 Cabriolet in 1929 solidified Maybach’s position as the most prestigious automaker in the country. However, the Second World War affected Maybach and it was bought by Daimler-Benz. Under acquisition, the Maybach line of marques was sectioned in the ultra luxury division of the Mercedes-Benz and continued to thrive. Today, Maybach is regarded as a prestigious automobile brand that is associated with affluence, luxury and prestige. It competes with BMWs Rolls-Royce luxurious marques. The following are some of the best Maybach productions of all times:-

Maybach 57

The Maybach 5tt7 was one of the first models to be produced under the DaimlerChrysler AG management and was modelled after the Benz Maybach concept car  showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1997. Featuring a 5.5L V12 twin-turbo engine, the Maybach 57 delivered a whopping 543hp and could accelerate from 0-60 mph in 5.2 seconds. It also had an electronic braking system and Airmatic DC suspension, which  enhanced its performance. The interior of the 57 model had multi-contour seats for every passenger as well as a four-zone climate control system. It also had a TV/DVD entertainment system at the back, complete with a 21-speaker Bose Everywhere Dolby surround sound system. Each Maybach 57 was custom-made according to the owner’s preference and despite being discontinued in 2012, it remains a one-of-a-kind production.

Maybach 62

The Maybach 62 was the longer version of the Maybach 57 and was amongst the first productions of the Maybach line following the DaimlerChrysler revival. It featured the 5.5L V12 engine and could cover 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds. The Maybach 62 also featured a luxurious interior with fully reclining rear seats and infrared-reflecting laminated glass all round.

Maybach S600

Maybach S600 was first unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in 2014 and was basically a version of the long wheelbase S-Class sedan. It was powered by a 6.0L V12 biturbo engine that produced 523 hp. The Pullman version of the S600 is availed as a chauffeur-driven sedan with a partitioned compartment for passengers. This version can also come as an armoured vehicle.

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