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3 of the most famous Lincoln car in the UAE

Named after President Abraham Lincoln, the luxury automaker is renowned for its luxurious masterpieces. Lincoln has undergone several changes in management and is today a division under the Ford Motor Company. The launch of the famous Lincoln Continental set the trend for the personalised luxury cars that we see today. Having ferried American presidents and world dignitaries , there is no doubt about the class, elegance and performance of the Lincoln cars. The Middle East is a popular destination for  these American cars and we look at the top three Lincoln cars  that are popular  in the UAE.

The Lincoln MKX

The Lincoln MKX was first showcased as a concept car at the North American International Auto Show in 2004. Lincoln later launched this mid-size SUV in 2007 as a replacement for  the Lincoln Aviator. The first generation of the Lincoln MKX bore a strong resemblance to the Ford Edge and even shared its Ford CD3 platform. Lincoln has since changed this in the second generation MKX models that use the CD4 platform. It has a unibody construction with a front-wheel drive as well as an all-wheel drive option . Base models of the Lincoln MKX are powered by a 2.7L V6 engine that produces 303hp while higher trim levels come with a twin-turbo 2.7L v6 engine that delivers 335hp. Both engine options are combined with the six-speed automatic transmission. The Lincoln MKX has been the brand’s best-selling model since 2016 and this is because it combines performance driving with upscale luxurious looks. Though Lincoln has produced 2017 and 20118 MKX models, they have very few upgrades compared to those in the 2016 MKX. The interior comes with the best materials and infotainment. Lincoln intends to change the name of the 2019 MKX to Nautilus.

The Lincoln Town

The Lincoln Town Car is full-size luxury sedan that succeeded the Lincoln Continental in 1980.Produced using the Ford Panther platform, these sedans shared a chassis and mechanical components with Mercury Grand Marquis and Ford LTD Crown Victoria. Besides the traditional four-door sedan, the Town Car also came in the form of limousines, which were produced between 1983 to 2011. A two-door sedan was also produced under the Town Car models. The Lincoln Town Car lasted three generations before being discontinued in 2011.Most automotive enthusiasts insist that the current Lincoln Continental succeeded the Town Car due to their close resemblance. However, Ford Motors markets the current Continental as the successor of the Lincoln MKS.

The Lincoln Navigator

The Lincoln Navigator is a one-of-a-kind, giant SUV. Not only does it have an imposing exterior, but it is also powered by the robust 450 hp V6 engine that can traverse over any type of off-road or on-road terrain. This is  complemented by an elegant interior, which comes with an optional 20 speaker Revel audio system and the 30-way massaging front seats. Although a lot of aluminium has been used in  the Navigator, it is still the heaviest of all Lincoln productions, albeit with the largest cabin and cargo space.

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