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5 Most Popular Lexus Cars in Dubai

Founded in 1989, Lexus is the luxury division of Toyota – the world’s top automaker. Even though it started off with a single sedan style marque, the Lexus LS, the brand has grown exponentially to include coupes, sedans, convertibles and SUV models. Since its inception, Lexus has been renowned for combining style, luxury and performance. We look at some of the most popular Lexus cars in Dubai.

The Lexus LX570

This powerful SUV was launched in 2008 at the New York International Auto Show. The first LX570 was designed by Shinichi Hiranaka, while Takanoi Ito redesigned the model in 2010 and 2012. Currently in its tenth year of production, the LX570 has received some major upgrades including a major facelift in 2015. The 2018 LX570 has been hailed as one of the best SUVs because of its spaciousness and comfortable seats. Like most of the cars in the Lexus range, the LX 570 drives very smoothly and performs well both on city roads and in rough terrains. This 2018 model comes with standard advanced safety features and a beautiful interior. Apart from high fuel consumption, the LX 570 lacks the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity features.

The Lexus RX 350

Based on the Toyota Highlander model, the Lexus RX has been in production since 1998 and is also marketed under the Toyota Harrier nameplate. While the first generation RX models were compact crossover SUVs, Lexus chose to produce mid-size crossover SUVs for the three subsequent generations in 2013. The RX 350 is particularly popular because of its ample space and list of standard features. The 2018 RX 350 topped the list of 2-row SUVs that offer value-for-money because of its high performance, and practical cabin that make it one of the best family vehicles for the daily commute. This car comes with active safety technology and its 3.5L V6 engine promises a smooth drive even on the rougher roads. Despite having enough cabin room, the cargo hold is still a bit squeezed compared to those offered by rivals, Audi Q7 and Acura MDX.

The Lexus ES 350

The Lexus ES 350 is one of the two entry-level luxury sedans that Lexus offers to buyers who need comfort and luxury. Having been in production since 1989, the ES models have dominated the luxury sedans’ market for a while. Very few facelifts have been undertaken on the Lexus ES350 since 2013. All the post-2013 redesigned models bear a handsome exterior with a well-padded interior. The 2018 Lexus ES 350 is one of those and besides its luxurious looks, it is powered by a 3.5L V6 engine delivering 268hp coupled with a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The best features in the 2018 ES 350 are its classy spacious interior, array of safety tech features and smooth drive with easy handling even on the worst roads. That said, Lexus is yet to embrace the smartphone connection system and beautiful as it is, the ES 350 does not have the Apple CarPlay or Auto Android.

The Lexus LS 430

The LS was the first model ever developed by the Lexus brand and it set a trend for other luxury sedans. Debuted in January 1989, the LS400 was an instant hit with both customers and automotive industry critics. Apart from several awards, the LS400 won the hearts of many fans and, hard as it might seem, Lexus has continued to raise the standards in subsequent generations. Also known as the Toyota Celsior, the LS 430 was launched during the North American International Auto Show in January 2000 featuring a facelift as well as an upscale interior inspired by the guest rooms of luxury hotels. If the LS400 was a hit, the LS 430 with all its aesthetic modifications and technological features was love at first sight with the only caveat for buyers being its high price tag. Even though production of the Lexus LS 430 ceased in 2006, it is still a stunner and highly sought after luxury sedan. Powered by a V8 engine delivering 278hp and several safety features in base models, the LS 430 is still one of the luxury sedans that gives the most value for money. The LS 430 was later replaced by the LS 460 and LS 460 L models, which were both designed by Moritaka Yoshida and Yo Hiruta to included more technological features and powerful engines.

The Lexus GX

The Lexus GX is a rare luxury mid-size SUV with  superb off-road abilities. Debuted in 2002, this car can tackle any rough terrain like a proper off-roader. Although the base model of the Lexus GX does not come with the luxurious and sophisticated interior that models like the RX and other Lexus models have, you can always include upgrades to fit your comfort preferences. The GX also lacks fuel economy features that other marques in its category have offered r. That said, if you frequently traverse bad roads and need a mid-size luxury SUV that can handle bad terrains like a truck, then the Lexus GX should be your pick.

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