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Top Ten Audi Cars of all time

In June 2018, Audi celebrated its 108th anniversary and it is amazing how far this German automaker has come. Originally formed in Zwickau in 1910 by August Horch, Audi has survived a world war, shake-ups, mergers and acquisitions to retain its position amongst the most popular automakers in the world. Despite several changes over the years, Audi has continued to produce sporty rides and earned a reputation for its strong engineering.

With headquarters in Ingolstadt, the company has operations in 9 countries, and employs more than 80,000 people. During the 2017 fiscal year, Audi sold more than 1.8 million cars, generating over EUR.60M in revenue.

So which Audis sell the most and which ones have shaped this famous brand?

The Horch 26/25

This 1938 production changed the trajectory of mid-size vehicles by creating one of the most unique innovations in the automotive industry – the six cylinder engine. The Horch 26/25 is credited for pioneering mid-size auto technology and this is why this particular Audi is currently priced at more than $1Million.

The Audi D-Type

The D-Type was developed by Porsche and came into the market in 1938. It was considered the pride of German engineers, mainly because of its V12 engine, which produced close to 550hp. The D-Type gained worldwide fame for its Grand Prix races. In 2009, a D-Type was auctioned for $6Million.

The DKW Monza

This Audi Model is famous for setting five world records in 1956. Manufactured from polyester, it is most famous for its lightweight body This gave it superior aerodynamic abilities and an edgy look that will forever be remembered in the automobile industry. It is indeed a very rare vehicle.

The 1981-1990 Quattro

These models are the epitome of the classic Audi. They not only have turbocharged engines but have leading technology and sporty looks that are associated with the Audi brand. Most Audi lovers will agree that the Quattro was an amazing drive and top performers amongst most Audis. They are still very popular even though production stopped ages ago.

RS2 Avant

The RS2 Avant was designed for speed and this is why it is often viewed as a luxury car instead of the hatch wagon. Covering 60 miles in 4.8 seconds, this car is faster than sports giants such as the Maserati Granturismo and McLaren F1. The fact that it was only sold in five markets, namely Brazil, Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Africa made it even more rare and valuable with current market price estimates standing at $18k.

The Audi 100 (1968-1980)

In its recent celebration of 100 years, the Audi Group showcased 15 of the Audi 100 models. This classic model is credited with the  production revival of Audi cars and was secretly developed by Ludwig Kraus, the Technical Director at Auto Union GmbH in the 1960s. At the time, Audi had been acquired by Volkswagen AG and production focussed mainly on VW Beetles.

Its production attracted a lot of attention, mainly because it featured a number of technical innovations and groundbreaking designs including the first fully galvanised body and the world’s best aerodynamics value. Besides winning fans’ hearts, the Audi 100 was also crowned “Car of the Year” twice and won the “Golden Steering Wheel” award five times.

The 2000 R8 Le Mans Prototype

Audi first entered the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1999 and quickly took centre stage with the R8 Le Mans Prototype, winning five  of the seven 24-hr races. The R8 Le Mans Prototype also won 63 of the 79 races, retaining the top spot at the American Le Man Series from 2000 to 2006. Some of the greatest features of this car include the carbon fibre and aluminium chassis, brilliant suspension and V8 twin turbo engine.

The Audi A4 (1996-2001)

The Audi A4 took decades to style and brand but, with the 1996 production, Audi established its seriousness in high performance vehicles. All the tweaks on the exterior and interior as well as revised powertrains paid off, bringing to the market a beautiful, high performance car that would later rival the likes of Mercedes Benz and BMW.

The R8 (2006-present)

After the high performance of the R8 Le Mans Prototype, fans literally begged Audi for a road version of the super race car. The R8 was the ultimate answer to their dreams and has lived up to the standards of high performance luxury vehicles. Sleek looks aside, car lovers are obsessed with the smooth driveability of this mid engine supercar. Indeed, very few cars can successfully merge performance and usability as the R8 does, hence  its high value in the market.

The Q3 Quattro

In true Audi fashion, the Audi Q3 Quattro broke established norms in terms of design and capabilities, proving that SUVs don’t have to be boring. This compact SUV features sleek looks with a light, easy-to-handle steering and does not compromise on power and performance. It is no wonder that it has remained popular and set new trends in the SUV market.

These Audi models are a testament to the innovations and remarkably high standards that Audi has brought in the automobile industry. In 2005, Audi set up shop in Dubai, making this its headquarters for the Middle East region.

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