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3 Timeless Aston Martin Cars

Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd is a prestigious British automaker renowned for producing luxury sports cars and grand tourers. Founded by Lionel Martin and Robert Bramford in 1913, the Aston Martin cars quickly gained fame in the ‘50s and ‘60s because of their appearance in the James Bond films. The following are three timeless Aston Martin productions.

Aston Martin Vantage

Unveiled in Dubai in 2017, the Aston Martin Vantage is a spectacular two-seater sports car that replaced the DB11, which had been in production for twelve years. Powered by a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine, the Vantage produces 530 hp and boasts of a top speed of 313 kph. This sports car borrows its design from its predecessor, the DB10, which appeared in the James Bond film, Spectre. It also features a front grille that has been previously seen on the track car, the Vulcan. The Vantage forfeits the button arrangement and passenger glove compartment on the DB11 for a central console design.

Aston Martin Rapide

The Rapide is a high performance mid-size sports saloon car whose concept was first exhibited during the North American International Show in Detroit in 2006. The production model was later launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 before hitting the market in 2010. Featuring 4 doors and 4 seats, the Rapide borrows its design from the Lagonda Rapide which was a four-door saloon manufactured by Lagonda and discontinued in 1989. It is Aston Martin’s first four-door saloon car and it uses the VH Generation II platform. The Rapide is powered by a 5.9L V12 engine delivering 470bhp. The top speed of the Rapide is 303 km/h. The Rapide was succeeded by the Rapide S in 2013 and this featured a V12 engine that was boosted to produce 550 bph as well as a major facelift.

Aston Martin Vanquish

The Aston Martin Vanquish is a super grand tourer that replaced the Virage lineup in 2001. Designed by Ian Callum, the first generation V12 Vanquish was launched during the 2001 Geneva Motor Show. Production of this version ended in 2005, paving the way for the more powerful Vanquish S that featured a more powerful engine with improved aerodynamics and handling. In 2017, the second-generation Vanquish S was subsequently replaced by the Aston Martin DBS V12, which would replace the Vanquish range altogether in 2018.

The most recent Vanquish is the Vanquish Zagato, which was created in partnership with the prestigious Italian auto designer, Zagato. This powerful limited edition 2017 production features the same V12 engine used in the Vanquish S, with an output of 595bhp and a top speed of 201 mph.

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