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The Top 3 Acura Cars

Acura is the luxury brand for Japanese automaker, Honda which debuted into the market in 1986. From the onset, Acura was a brand to be reckoned with. As the first Japanese automotive luxury brand, Acura was a step out of the comfort zone for Honda, and established a trend that would later be followed by major market giants such as Nissan and Toyota. The production of Acura was triggered by the Japanese export restrictions that limited the number of cars automakers could export. The limited number of exports necessitated more expensive cars to generate more revenue for the company. Despite facing several challenges over the years, Acura has been able to produce some of the best luxury vehicles with a couple of notable firsts in the automotive industry. We look at the top three Acuras to buy.

The Acura Legend

The Acura Legend was the first luxury car that Acura produced and it is credited with  the Honda’s huge success in the luxury segment. These mid-sized vehicles were manufactured in the US and produced in collaboration with the UK’s Austin Rover Group. First generation Legend executive car was a sedan that featured a 2.5L V6 engine that generated 151hp with 4-wheel disc brakes or double-wishbone suspension. So popular was the flagship Legend that in the first year of its production it accounted for 55,000 of the 109,000 cars that Honda sold. The Legend’s success elevated Honda as an automaker.

The Acura Integra

The first generation Integra, or Rover 461i, was simultaneously launched with the Legend in the North American market. It was a hatchback powered by a 1.6L engine that produced 113hp. It also had 4-wheel disc brakes and a redesigned suspension. The Honda Integra spotted a stylish interior and came with 3-door and 5-door options. The Integra was later revamped to include an electric advance distributor, which boosted its engine with an additional 5hp.

The Acura NSX

The Acura NSX is not just the fastest of Acura cars, but is also the first Acura with a rear-wheel drive. Although this model was discontinued in 2005, it was later revamped to increase its performance. The 2017 NSX is the latest and it features a mid 3.5L V6 turbocharged engine with an output of 573hp. It also comes with an all-wheel drive feature combined with a nine-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. To top all this, the Acura NSX also has an upscale interior with premium technology.

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