We’ve prepared a list of frequrently asked questions that can fullfill the answer for a question or a concern you have using the website. If you have very specific inquiries or suggestions, please be sure let us know here
How long does it take for me to receive the cash?

Depending on your car valaution and if you accept the offer subject to inspection we aim to complete the process within 1hour.

Is the cash in hand or bank account?

Due to company policy all transactions have to be recorded so you will receive a bank transfer or cheque for the amount against the name of the owner or certified documented owner. If in the event you require cash this is possible but more paperwork will have to be filled out as per UAE regulations.

Do you buy scrap cars?

Yes – We cash any car..

What about my fines when am selling?

We can pay these off when we cash you car.

Are you a registered company?

Yes, licensed by the UAE.

Is there a limit on the car value you buy?

No, there is no limit if you accept our offer the cash is there.

Who are your partners?

Currently we are working will local trusted partners such as Deutsche Technik Service Centre.

My car registration has expired – can I still cash it?

Yes, we will pay the fines and de register it.

I want to cash my car but do not have enough money to clear the loan?

Yes if you would like to sell the car we will clear the loan as long as it does not exceed the amount we offered for the car, if in the event there is a small loan on it we minus the amount and give you the remaining balance in cheque.

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