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Wecashanycar is the best source of cars for dealers to get a wide range of cars in the Middle East. We have a wide selection of vehicles to cater to the needs and demands of different dealers. We also uphold quality by ensuring that all the vehicles undergo a thorough inspection. A detailed report is produced and uploaded on our E-Trading Platform. All these can be accessed with a simple click of a button.

By registering your interest, you will receive a call from one of our consultants within 24 hours.

One Stop Shop for Used Cars

We have simplified the process for dealers looking to acquire the best car inventory by creating our sophisticated E-Trading Platform that contains all the details of available vehicles. With wecashanycar you are assured of the following
Easily Accessible Dealership Services
Being the top source of cars for dealers in the UAE, we strive to make our services to you as hassle-free and easily accessible as possible. You can access and use our E-Trading Platform from any part of the world. Your only investment is a modest, fully-refundable deposit and the subsequent payments for any vehicle that you win in auction. In return, we guarantee quality inspected vehicles and a huge inventory for your dealership.
Virtual Showroom
As a dealer, wecashanycar can save you the physical exhaustion of searching for ideal cars and haggling with different customers. Our E-Trading Platform unlocks a virtual showroom, giving you access to thousands of vehicles at your
fingertips. What’s more, we also provide accurate details of the vehicle, thereby allowing you to calculate your profit margins before you start bidding.
Sophisticated E-Trading Platform
You no longer have to make numerous phone calls or scroll through newspapers in search of vehicle ads. Our sophisticated and easy-to-navigate E-Trading Platform will allow you to bid on thousands of cars in our stock repository and can easily be accessed via your mobile device, iPad, computer and Wi-Fi connection.
Pre-Inspected Quality Cars
We reinforce strict quality inspection before and after the auction to make sure that our dealers get the best cars and are made aware of any faults before bidding or paying for the vehicle.
Flexible Bidding Tiers
In order to cater to the needs and capacities of different dealers, wecashanycar has set flexible bidding tiers in place for your convenience. As a dealer, you can register under any tier that suits your business needs and you can even upgrade to higher tiers at a later stage.
Dedicated Account Manager and After-Sales Support
Wecashanycar prioritises service excellence for all our dealers. Following your successful bidding tier registration, after-sales support services will be provided by your dedicated account manager.
Your account manager will handle all your inquiries and will guide you through the auction processes and procedures. They will also handle and resolve any challenges you may encounter with our E-Trading Platform.
Dealers who register with wecashanycar’s services are guaranteed transparency. With us you can avoid making blind purchases as we ensure that all vehicles are thoroughly inspected and details of which are shared on the E-Trading Platform. Further to this, we notify our dealers of every auction opportunity and award the bids to the rightful owner.

The safety of our customers and employees during this unprecedented time is our top priority. Please be informed that, as of March 24th until further notice, we have adjusted our branch operations. CLICK HERE for more information.