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Wecashanycar was formed in 2014 by Naz and Faz with the aim of helping people in the UAE to sell their used car. They wanted to simplify the process by getting rid of the hassles of finding the right car buyers who could pay cash for cars as well as effectively handle the documentation, fine clearance, and RTA clearance, among other services.  

We have a team of highly trained experts on board who carry out detailed car inspection and provide a car valuation you will love. Once the customer agrees to the valuation, we proceed to the instant payment. 

How wecashanycar carries out the inspection?

Wecashanycar carries out detailed car inspection in which we have a thorough look at all the mechanical aspects of the car. For example, we check if the car has met with an accident or not, if there is a scratch, whether or not the car has been painted, any other alterations are done, etc. 

After the mechanical inspection, the experts analyze the inner workings of the car, which includes, but not limited to, checking the transmission, the suspension, and the balance of the car. 

Customer Testimonial

We have many satisfied customers in the past due to our simplified process of selling second-hand cars in UAE. One such customer is Tariq Fahim from Korooti.

Korooti provides marketing solutions to companies in the UAE. It is also involved heavily in providing discounts to the public from the largest companies in the UAE. 

Tariq visited wecashanycar on Thursday, 23rd July 2020. He was amazed at how the company not only thoroughly inspected the car but also handled the entire paperwork, including RTA clearance. 

What Tariq loved the most was that while the car valuation is done, all the accessories are also taken into consideration. Here is what he had to say

“I use Vcool paint protection for my car. Vcool is a premium brand and costs a lot more than other similar services. Similarly, my car has Michelin tires, which cost around double the price of other brands. When I am selling the car, I want to be compensated for these premium accessories as well. I was happy that wecashanycar did take all this into consideration. I have tried the services of other car selling websites, and they don’t adequately compensate for these premium accessories I have used. 



This was all about wecashanycar and how we strive to provide excellent services to our valued customers. If you are looking for hassle-free service to sell your car, that not only inspect your car but also carry out other paperwork, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

You can book an appointment on our website, reach out to us via Whatsapp at +971 52 407 8810 or visit us at any of our branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You may find the details of our branches here. And don’t forget, if you sell your car before the end of July you will get a gift voucher for more than 150 brand!

Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.

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The UAE has traditionally been an oil-based economy. Oil has been instrumental in the country’s growth and for converting it from a barren desert to one of the world’s most sought-after travel destinations. 

During the past few years, the country has been heavily focusing on diversifying its economy. One such initiative is the focus on the use of electric vehicles. 

In September 2017, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy announced an ambitious plan for electric cars for sale in UAE. The plan entailed increasing the electric and hybrid vehicle share in the emirate to 10% by 2030. This was also in part to achieve the Dubai 2021 Plan and largely to support Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 initiative. 

Also, a number of incentives were announced for electric vehicle owners. For example, exemption from Road and Transport Authority (RTA) registration and renewal fees, free parking in dedicated places, free Salik tag, special stickers on number plates and free charging at DEWA’s electric stations.

Long before the plan was announced, the government started taking measures to develop infrastructure for electric vehicles. In January 2017 (the same year when the plan was announced), Tesla stepped into UAE with the launch of a showroom in Dubai. Before that, France’s Renault started featuring it’s electric cars for sale in showrooms all across the UAE.

Are the efforts bearing fruit?

There is no doubt that the Dubai government is going all out to encourage the public to use electric vehicles. 

Other emirates are not behind when it comes to building infrastructure for electric vehicles. For example, Abu Dhabi, the national capital, has more than an array of charging stations spread throughout the emirate. 

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) and Tesla have been at the forefront of this initiative.  Tesla has developed more than a dozen charging stations all over Abu Dhabi over the past few years. This is in addition to the stations by other private companies such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW. 

The question is that Is the public responding to all these initiatives?

The statistics say YES!

According to Research And, the electric vehicle market is expected to grow exponentially at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.1% until 2025. This is an admirable feat. Out of all the emirates, Dubai has the highest share of the clean vehicle.

Why does the government want an electric vehicle revolution?

The electric vehicle revolution is part of a larger strategy of the Dubai government to promote clean and green energy and to diversify the economy away from fossil fuels. The city has launched a slew of initiatives in this regard. 

For example, the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050 aims to produce 75% energy from clean energy. Similarly, one component of Dubai 2021 Plan is to build a sustainable city that is not possible without mainstreaming electric vehicles. 

Most important of all, the world is shifting towards electric cars for sale. Many countries around the world have announced the ban on the production of internal combustion vehicles. As such, if the UAE does not jump on the bandwagon, it will be left far behind. 

Advantages of electric cars

Electric vehicles have numerous advantages over their internal combustion counterparts. Here are a few of them:

1. Saving in fuel costs

Although the UAE has low petrol prices, the spending on fuel amounts to a big total at the end of the month. Electric vehicles help you save this huge cost. 

For example, a pre-owned Volvo XC90, if driven around 15,000 Km a year, will require more than AED6300 a year to be spent on fuel. Comparatively, a hybrid Volvo T8 XC90 will merely cost AED1830 a year. 

Even better charging at DEWA station is free of cost by the end of 2021 as per the article published in Khaleej Times. This applies to non-commercial vehicles only. 

These savings over the lifetime of the vehicle will come in handy when you are selling the car. It is because your total expenses on the car will be less and as such, you might get a good profit for the sale.

2. Easy access to charging stations

Dubai currently has more than 240 charging stations and plans to increase the count to 300 by the end of 2020. The best part is you can charge your car while it is parked and you are enjoying the shopping. 

3. Minimum Noise

This is a no-brainer. An electric car makes almost no noise as it does not have an engine. Just imagine the reduction in noise pollution on the streets of Dubai when electric cars become mainstream.   

This was all about the electric car revolution that the people of Dubai (and even all of UAE) could witness in the coming years due to the efforts of the government. Soon you will see a lot of electric second-hand cars for sale in Dubai.

In case you plan to sell your car and wondering if our team is capable of handling electric cars and providing a good car valuation, let us share that we had customers in the past who owned a Tesla. Our experts were glad to assist them in selling their cars. Therefore, you can visit us with confidence. 


Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.


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When you are planning to sell your second-hand car in the UAE, you definitely want to get the job done in a jiffy. 

Although the process of selling the car may seem long and cumbersome at first glance, it can be made simpler if you are aware of all the steps well in advance and prepare accordingly. Therefore, wecashanycar has prepared a guide explaining the nuances of selling your car. 

Furthermore, we also list some highly advisable steps you need to take to ensure that the entire journey of selling the car is hassle-free.

Selling the car with ease- 5 steps you need to know

1.Ensure your car is in good condition

Look back to the time when you were the buyer instead of the seller. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ponder on the qualities you wanted in your car? Did you go for a damaged car or wanted a neat looking one with not even a single scratch? 

Of course, it was the latter one. Therefore, get your car fixed for any damages, repairs, and touch-ups, making the car aesthetically pleasing and increasing overall car valuation.

This will also speed up and ease your RTA inspection process, as all cars need to be tested at one of the bays at the RTA. You can find your nearest location on their website here, although you may want to look for one that has shorter queues and longer working hours.

2. Clear outstanding fines or loans

Make sure you keep a margin of a few days for this. While most fines can be cleared relatively quickly during the transfer process, bank loans may take a few days to clear. It’s always best to deal with this before entering the process of selling the car.

If you are selling your car through wecashanycar, then you need not worry about clearing fines or bank loans. The reason being, this is something our experts will handle themselves. 

3. Find a buyer

Once your car has passed the RTA test for selling, you can start looking for potential buyers. There are a few ways to go about this. You could visit one of the markets for  second-hand cars in the UAE.  There are a lot of such places in the UAE. For example, Motor World in Abu Dhabi, Al Aweer Dubai, and Souq Al Haraj in Sharjah, which is MENA’s largest market. Please read out our guide on Souq Al Haraj here to find out how you can take advantage of it.   

In all these markets you can directly sell the car to any of the dealers. Since there are more than a dozen vendors that buy and sell cars, you can expect to get a car valuation there.

Alternatively, you could approach some of UAE’s popular car-buying companies like wecashanycar. We can help you sell the car for good cash. This is possible because we use sophisticated technology, which offers us access to a large network of car buyers. This, in turn, allows us to offer a good car valuation.

4. Cancel your insurance

Once the deal for selling the car is finalized, you will need to contact your insurance company to cancel the car insurance. You may also be eligible for a refund for the premium, in case there are some months of insurance left. 

At this point, do make sure the documentation is up-to-date, and you keep the original and copy with you for all the necessary documents (including Emirates ID, passport, and car registration/Mulkia).

5. Transfer car ownership

If all your documents are in order and the car has passed the RTA test, you will simply need to fill the transfer form through a typing center. Documents required at this point will include your original registration card (Mulkia), buyer’s driving license, Emirates ID/passport, and visa copy, and new insurance from the buyer. 

You have to submit these at an RTA office, where an officer will check the documents and ask you to clear any fines which may be due. He will then print the new registration car (Mulkia), a copy of which you should keep with yourself as proof of sale.

All of this might seem a bit of hassle and time-consuming. That is why at wecashnaycar, we handle the entire RTA clearance process, including the process of transferring vehicle ownership.

Avoiding mishaps during the vehicle sale process 

Apart from knowing the above steps for selling second-hand cars in UAE, you need to carry out due diligence to ensure everything is within the framework of the law. 

The below points will be of great help in this regard. 

  1. Make sure you are making the sale to authorized/reputed persons only. Deal with only those who agree to meet in person and discuss all the terms and conditions beforehand to avoid last-minute problems. 
  2. Make sure you fulfill all the documentation requirements. The RTA website has all the details you will need in this regard. Alternatively, you can seek expert advice from wecashanycar. 
  3. Unless dealing with a reputed company, avoid post-dated cheques and try dealing in cash only. 
  4. Make sure your bank loans are settled beforehand if any. Otherwise, the bank may not issue a clearance letter for the chassis number on the car.

And that’s it! These are all the essential steps required to sell any car in Dubai or any other emirate. As long as your car is in a decent condition and your documents are in place, you should not be facing any issue during the sale process.

Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.




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Since its inception, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) has been making an all-out effort to provide the best infrastructure and a safe driving environment to the residents of Dubai.

Due to all these efforts, Dubai became the second-best global city for driving, when looking at the quality of infrastructure, the safety of drivers, and driving associated costs. (source: Driving Cities Index 2019).

What differentiates RTA from other similar institutions around the world is that it not only focuses on developing modern infrastructure but also contributes in the celebration of various festivals in the UAE. Therefore, in February 2020, RTA launched an Expo 2020 number plate to play its part in celebrations of the event, the first of its kind in the Arab World.

What is Expo 2020?

The World Expo is a global exhibition that is held once every five years. It runs for six months with the aim of gathering global players to discuss pressing issues that the world is facing as well as talking about how to accelerate the adoption of innovative and disruptive technologies. The theme of the Dubai Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. It was initially planned to run from October 20, 2020, until April 10, 2021.

However, there is a delay of one year because people have held back their travel plans due to COVID-19. Now it will be held from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. Despite the delay, the global community is enthusiastic about the event. They are eager to gather in Dubai and join hands to make this event a major success. The delay will give all the participants more time to prepare for the expo. The name Expo 2020 will be retained.

What is the new number plate launched by RTA?

The new number plate launched by RTA contains the Dubai Expo 2020 logo, i.e., golden rings. The golden rings are an inspiration from the  4000-year-old ring that was found in the Dubai desert a couple of years ago. The ring is part of more than 10,000 artifacts discovered by archaeologists from different places all over the UAE during the past 2-3 years. The aim of the initiative by RTA is manifold. First and foremost, RTA wants to engage motorists in this mega event. The involvement of the public is vital for the success of the exhibition. Secondly, it is an attempt to support the government in hosting the exhibition. Again, the success of the Dubai Expo 2020 depends on how well various government institutions collaborate with each other.

How to get the new number plate?

Getting the new Dubai Expo number plate for second-hand cars in the UAE or even new cars is very convenient as the entire process is online. Below are the steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Visit the RTA website and click on “Driver and Car Owner.”
  2. Next, hover your mouse on “Vehicle Licensing,” and select “Dubai Branded Number plate.”
  3. On “change Plate Design” page, accept the terms and conditions and click on “Apply for Service.”
  4. Enter your vehicle details and click on “Search.” Go for “Expo Logo Plate” and select the desired number plate size.
  5. You are all set! The final step is to select the delivery method for the number plate.

How much does the new number plate cost?

The Dubai Expo 2020 number plate comes at the cost of AED 200. In addition, there are nominal service charges. Adding all this takes the total cost of the number plate to around AED 430. To put the cost into perspective, a normal number plate has a total cost of AED 85. This includes AED 35 for the small plate and AED 50 for the larger one. The additional cost of the Dubai Expo number plate is for sure compensated by the value of contributing to a historical event. Don’t focus on the cost, focus on a lifetime opportunity of being part of Expo 2020.

Why should you get the new number plate?

This is a vital question that remains unanswered, i.e., why should one spend AED 430 on getting a new number plate? What are the advantages? Expo 2020 is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the residents of UAE to be part of something historical. The exhibition is first of it’s kind in the Arab world and will have a positive impact well after it is over. In fact, the government of Dubai plans to convert 80% of the expo site into District 2020. The district will be a multi-purpose facility to help UAE fast track it’s objective of transitioning into a knowledge-based economy. Such is the significance of Expo 2020.

Therefore, it makes sense when RTA is enthusiastic about the event and wants to involve the public by creating a special number. Another advantage of the Expo 2020 number plate, if you decide to leave your special number plate when you plan to sell your second-hand car in UAE, is that it may enhance its valuation as it will give it a special touch. As a car owner you also have the option to retain your number plate but will need to obtain an owner’s certificate from RTA for that.

Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.

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On January 14, 2016, Sharjah opened its doors to a new Dh 250 million used car market called Souq Al Haraj and located at Al Ruqah Al Hamra area. This market was initially located in the Abu Shagara area, which is a residential neighbourhood. Therefore, this move was a relief for the residents of Abu Shagara.

Not only that, the new market for used cars in Sharjah, is also the largest in the MENA region.

The market was inaugurated by His Highness Dr. Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. It is strategically located between Sharjah Free Zone and the Sharjah International Airport

What was the need for the new market?

The previous market posed a myriad of problems for the residents, including, but not limited to, lack of parking and crowded space.

The situation was also hurting showroom dealers as customers avoided such crowded spaces. Consequently, the opening of the new market was necessary.

What is special about the new Sharjah car market?

Souq Al Haraj, (the new market for used cars for sale in Sharjah) is not an ordinary market. As we mentioned earlier, it is the largest in the MENA region, and we say that without any exaggeration.

The market has more than 400 car showrooms, with each having space for around 24 to 44 used cars in Sharjah. This is in addition to parking space for 5000 visitors. Now imagine yourself how big the market is!

Apart from the showrooms, the market is also peppered with car accessory shops, more than 28 retail shops, including supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants. You will also find money exchanges, insurance centers, and typing centers. There is also a spacious auction hall.

In short, if you are a car fanatic, this market has all you need under one roof. Nothing could get better than this.

All You Need to Know About the New Used Sharjah Car Market

Objective of setting up the new Sharjah car market

It wasn’t merely the parking issues and crowded spaces which prompted the shifting of used car market from Abu Shagara to its new location. The Sharjah government had much higher objectives.

Souq Al Haraj was established to support the growing automotive industry in Sharjah. It aims to reinvigorate the image of the emirate as a premier car destination in the entire MENA region and to create a competitive environment for the sale of second-hand cars in UAE.

Generally speaking, people are wary while purchasing second-hand cars as they fear to get their hands on faulty vehicles. Souq Al Haraj aims to allow the public to involve in the automotive trade confidently, it’s related accessories, and all the necessary documentation: all under one roof and the tutelage of the government.

This secure environment will boost the confidence of the public and go a long way towards creating a favorable image of Sharjah in the global automotive industry. This is exactly what the new, used car market aims to achieve.

Souq Al Haraj- A new era in UAE automotive industry

In October 2018, a report titled “UAE Used Car and Auto Classified Market Outlook to 2022 ” was published by Research and Markets. It showed that the market for used car for sale in UAE has grown during the last few years and will continue to expand in the near future.

The report also mentioned that the market for used cars in Sharjah is expected to witness the highest growth in volume sales among all the emirates. The forecast was for a period of 2017-2022.

How Wecashanycar is playing its role in the growth of the used car industry?

Ever since we commenced our operations in 2014, wecashanycar is helping people to sell used cars in Sharjah and other emirates of UAE. Our aim is to simplify the car selling process, by providing all services under one roof, just like what Souq Al Haraj aims to achieve.

We handle the entire process from documentation to vehicle transfer and even clearance of fines. Our car valuation experts make sure that the people get fair value for their vehicles as well as top-notch customer service.

We remain committed to serve the Sharjah (and the overall UAE) automobile community and play our part in the growth of the market. As a result of our continued efforts, we have been receiving a positive response at our Al Mamzar Branch Dubai, which is in close proximity to Sharjah.

Therefore, if you want to sell used cars conveniently, visit our Al Mamzar Branch, Dubai. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.

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The advent of technology gave birth to the concept of online shopping and made it extremely simple, with many companies promising same-day delivery.

COVID-19, one of the most challenging times, has also disrupted many industries and forced companies to adopt new business models. One such industry is the automotive sector.

So far, buying and selling cars followed the traditional pattern i.e., customers visiting car showrooms, test driving the car, and then finalizing their decision.

This is about to change forever. Slowly and gradually the mainstream public is adopting digital means to find out where to sell second hand cars. Seeing this trend, automotive companies have also jumped on the bandwagon and have given people the option to buy and sell cars from the comfort of their homes.

As surprising as it may seem, this is true. The trend is picking up pace in different countries around the world and companies are adopting the omnichannel approach to serve their customers. We will see how that is happening. Furthermore, we will also shed light on whether customers in the UAE prefer using online mediums to buy and to find where to sell second hand cars or are still hooked to traditional means.


United States of America (USA)

In the USA, the online car buying trend is fuelled by digital finance companies like Digital Motors and Roadster, which are providing the necessary hardware and software. Let’s have a look at how the online car purchase system works. 

Once the customer has done his research online and made up his mind to purchase a particular model, he/she can visit a dealer website which offers a buy-from-home option. The entire inventory of cars will be present on the website from which he/she can select the desired vehicle.  

The next step is to work out payment related options e.g., down payment, whether to pay for extended warranty and other ad-on options or not, credit approval, etc. Remember, all this is done online.

Once payment related stuff is completed, the car is booked for the customer, which is then delivered at their doorstep. All the necessary documentation also occurs at home.



China is the world’s biggest automotive producer (source: Statista) and is not behind the USA in offering buy from home options to its customers. Online car sales are slowly and gradually rising in China. Experts are of the opinion that the trend is not going to slow down anytime soon. 

Companies like BMW, Tesla, and Geely are at the forefront of this trend. For example, Geely offers an at-home test drive. The car is disinfected before being delivered to your driveway. If the customer agrees to purchase it, the keys are separately delivered via drone. Tesla has already been offering online purchase options since February 2019.



What are the trends in UAE?

Online buying has been prevalent in the UAE for a while. This is evident from a study conducted by YouGov in 2019, which showed that 1 in 5 residents are likely to purchase a car online. This year, we can expect this number to be even higher.  

All this is due to the efforts of the UAE government, which has been spearheading the digital transformation of the economy. One such initiative was the launch of the DubaiNow app, which, among other services, is a one-stop platform for all automobile and car ownership related things.


How wecashanycar is playing its role in the current scenario?

At wecashanycar, we have always been at the forefront of providing the highest level of convenience to our valuable customers. Therefore, we are offering car valuation services from the comfort of home, and that too at your preferred time. 

Yes, you read that, right!

Our services are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, Saturday to Thursday. Visit our website or give us a call at 800 WECASH (932274)  to sell a used car. Not to forget that you are welcome to visit any of our five branches to sell your car. Look around and you will find some branch near you.

So the next time you want to get a good price for your second hand car in the UAE, you know where to look for. 

So this was all about why buying and selling cars is about to change FOREVER. Online grocery shopping has been there for a while. However, people have now realized that buying and selling cars online isn’t as difficult as it seemed earlier. Consequently, there is no doubt that this concept is going to have legs.

If you are still of the opinion that the trend of buying cars online is a fad, let us share an interesting statistic with you.

Frost & Sullivan estimates that 6 million vehicles will be sold via online means by 2025. Compare that to 825,000 vehicles sold online in 2019, and you can figure out the trend yourself.   

Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.

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You have spent considerable time and effort in purchasing your dream car. Now it won’t be wise to leave it unattended.  

Taking necessary care of your car comes with lots of benefits. It allows the vehicle to function properly and prevent those irritating mid-journey breakdowns. It also keeps it in proper shape, allowing you to sell your car in UAE for a good amount.

Sometimes the car might remain parked for a long time. While this might seem a good thing as it saves on fuel costs, it comes with a lot of drawbacks.

However, worry, not!

In this article, we will share some magical tips that will ensure your car remains in shape so you can focus on other important things in life. 

Ready to find out those hacks? Let’s get started!

Check The Battery Thoroughly

The battery is one of the most vulnerable parts of the car during the time of inactivity. If it stays stagnant for a long time, the battery might lose charge and become totally dysfunctional.

As such, there are two things you can do. First is to remove all the connections of the battery and disconnect it all together. Only do this if you plan not to use your car for the next couple of days.

Secondly, you could start your car once every few days and run it for 10-20 minutes. This little activity will keep the battery active and prevent it from all sorts of damages. 

Change the Oil At Least Once

Not using the car frequently doesn’t mean you need not service your car. A parked vehicle needs as much care as the one which you drive on a daily basis.

If your car is not moving for a long time (minimum for over a week), the temperature fluctuations will slowly and gradually deteriorate the oil quality. 

A poor-quality oil will have a drastic effect on the central part of your vehicle, i.e., engine. And if your engine is damaged, you know very well how expensive it is to replace/repair it. So, don’t forget to look after this critical aspect.  

Beyond the protection of the engine, the oil change will also help you fetch a good price for your vehicle when you plan to sell your car. And if you are looking for the best place to sell your car for cash, look no further. Wecashanycar has all that you will need. 


If your car is parked for a long time, rust can quickly form on and around the brake rotors, causing irreparable damage. The chances of damage increase many times if your car is parked outside as it is exposed to scorching heat and an immense amount of dirt.

Apart from the pedal brake, keeping the car in standstill can also cause damage to the hand brake.

The solution to both problems is as simple as driving your car now and then. During the drive, make sure to use the pedal brake frequently. You should also use the hand brake, albeit less frequently.

These seemingly small measures will go a long way in preventing your brakes from rusting and ensuring they function correctly in the long run.

Regularly Check the Tire Pressure

Checking the pressure of the tire is recommended throughout the year. However, during summers, chances of flat tires rise exponentially.

As we discussed for other problems, a brief drive now and then will also help to prevent your tires from damage. Also, you should add air to your tires if you feel it is not appropriately balanced.  One hack is to add a bit more pressure than what you would typically do.  

Do these tips only apply to cars parked for a long time?

Absolutely not. All of them also apply to your car if you are using it on a daily basis. 

You will still need to make sure the tyres have the required air pressure, the brakes are functioning properly and not rusted, and the oil quality is above par among other things. 

Importance of maintaining your vehicle all the time

You might be wondering why you should take the pain of checking the battery, changing the oil, and maintaining the tire pressure all the time? Why be so vigilant?

Well, there are two primary reasons for it.

  1. A car looked after on a regular basis, saves you from expensive maintenance costs.
  2. A well-maintained car provides a good value when you plan to sell it. 

Let us elaborate a bit on the second point. If, at any point in your life, you plan to sell used car, you will only get a good car valuation if your vehicle is in good shape. No one would like to get their hands on a poorly maintained car. 

At wecashanycar, we meticulously analyze each vehicle to ensure that the owner gets the best cash price for it. If that was not enough to amaze you, let us tell you that now you can avail our services from the comfort of your home

Just visit our website and book your appointment. Our professional staff will handle the rest of the matters.  

These were the top four things you can do to ensure that no significant damage is caused to the car during summers, and it remains fit. As you saw, one standard solution is to take your vehicle for a short drive now and then.

Apart from that, do adopt other preventive measures. Small steps taken on a daily basis will prevent you from unlocking your coffers for major maintenance for the car. 

Reach out to wecashanycar to sell your car for cash at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.

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Leave your car out in the open sky for five hours straight, and you will find it encrusted with dirt and dust. If you leave your car as it is, then you can get fined for having a dirty car. The fine might be exasperating, but this exasperation fades away when you look at the larger picture, i.e., keeping your car clean is for your own safety, and the sheer betterment of your vehicle.  

Apart from that, if you plan to sell your car, it needs to have a neat and tidy look. At wecashanycar, we have trained professionals for car valuation.  From experience we can tell you that an aesthetically pleasing vehicle always fetches a good value compared to its dirty counterpart. 

Here are five reasons why your car needs a regular wash. For those who didn’t know, it is cruel to let your vehicle live in the dirt, for it brings irrevocable damage to it.

By the end of this article, we hope you are no longer going to delay your next car-wash appointment.

  1. Create a favorable image

The basic human instinct is to remain neat and tidy. You shower to maintain your personal hygiene. Consider your car an extension of yourself that also needs regular washing. The more elegant it is from the interior and exterior, the better effect it will have on you.

Let us elaborate on what that means. Driving in a clean and nice-smelling car will project a positive image, enhance your self-esteem as well as improve your overall reputation within your circle. People may not say it to the face, but they absolutely hate sitting in a car that smells of sweat and socks, with the dust obscuring the view.

Put yourself in their shoes, and you’d know the reality. Even then, you may survive the mess, but your car is simply not designed to be that way.

  1. Protects from impurities damage 

Common dirt, raindrops, mud, bird droppings left unwashed, or salt on the roads can have an adverse impact on your car. If left unwashed for a long time, these impurities can permanently damage the paint, scraping it off, and leaving chips behind to rust. 

Dirt should never be allowed to bake on your car. This is why your car demands weekly washing if you intend to keep it fresh and new. Unwashed dirt will scratch off the protective coating, and eat the paint away in a matter of days.

  1. Increases Fuel Efficiency 

Tests conducted on the car in the past have proven that cleaner cars have 10% higher fuel efficiency than dirtier ones. Think of it in this way: it is mother wit to imagine the havoc, dirt, and debris would create on the engine.

Different types of impurities and sandy particles can restrict the engine to perform to its optimum. And if your car runs on average 1-2 hours per day, the debris would choke the engine in no time.

If you can handle cleaning your buggy at the engine and the curviest corners inside, go ahead. Otherwise let the experts handle the entire car washing process.

  1. Allows for Safe driving

A cleaner car keeps you safe. How? The more regular the washing is, the lesser the dirt settled. This keeps your vehicle neater for your next unplanned trip because clearer windows will improve visibility and hence reduce any mishap.

  1. Better Resale Value 

This is one of the best advantages of having a clean car. We did discuss it briefly at the start, but it is worth talking in detail about it.

If you intend to sell anything, you immediately scrutinize its overall quality before anything else. For cars, not only are they pretty on the eyes if regularly washed, their overall value and condition remain fresh as well. Cleansing cars internally and externally helps it live longer, sustain its brand-new condition and helps you sell your car in UAE at a better price than the standard. 

This brings us towards the end of the list of reasons why your car needs a regular wash. Remember, these tips will not only give your car a neat and tidy look, but will prove beneficial in the long run by keeping it up and running for a long time and giving your car a high valuation.

At wasashanycar, one of the things we look at before we cash your car is its overall condition. As we mentioned earlier, a clean car gives a new look, which will ultimately fetch you good cash..   

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give your car a much-needed wash.

Reach out to wecashanycar to sell your car for cash at 800 WE CASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.

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The United Arab Emirates maintained it’s ranking as the happiest nation in the Arab World for the sixth consecutive year. This was announced in the World Happiness Report for the year 2020.

Do you know the secret behind maintaining this ranking for such a long period? The reason is that the government has implemented a slew of policies to provide the utmost convenience to its citizens. 

One of them is the option to sell your car when you are out of UAE. Many people have this misconception that it is really tough to do so and involves a lot of paperwork. The reality is otherwise. 

Sound’s interesting? Let’s find out!

Creating a power of attorney (POA)

POA is a legal document from your end that would give the other person (your appointed agent) the right to sell your car. It is better to grant a POA before relocating as it simplifies the process. However, if you haven’t done so, you can still create a POA while abroad. 

Faiyaz Chand, co-founder of, talked about the importance of POA in an interview with The National.  He mentioned that POA involves transferring power to a friend, family member or relative, so that they are entitled to sell the car on the owner’s behalf. 

He further stated that  “Car-sellers can get the power of attorney attested from the local UAE consulate.” 

Now we know how important POA is for selling the car when abroad, let’s find out how to get it. 

Step 1: Get it drafted by an expert.

You don’t want to create a POA only to find out that it got rejected by the government. In the worst case, it might even be misused by the other party.

Therefore, to avoid unforeseen problems, it is in your best interest to avail the services of a professional. He/she would draft the POA as per the UAE laws, which will have clear cut guidelines written on it. All this would ensure that things move on seamlessly.

Step 2: Get it legalized by the foreign affairs department

Since you will be using the POA in a foreign country (in this case, UAE), it is pertinent to get it attested by the foreign affairs department of your resident country to give it recognition and official status.

The foreign affairs department varies from country to country. Therefore, make sure you get it attested by the relevant authorities. 

Step 3: Attestation by UAE embassy and legalization in UAE

After you have successfully completed the previous step, you need to get the POA verified by the UAE embassy in your respective country.

Once completed, the last step in the verification chain is to get the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE. You need not be physically present for the attestation, instead, ask your appointed agent to do so.  Don’t forget to get the POA translated in Arabic before submitting it to the UAE authorities.  



Carry out the vehicle transfer process

Congratulations, the POA is now ready, and your appointed agent can now sell your car on your behalf. 

Let’s have a detailed look at what entails the vehicle transfer process.

Note: Most of these might already be in place before you have moved abroad. However, it is worth mentioning them again as a reminder.

Step 1: Pass the fitness test

This is one of the most important prerequisites for selling your vehicle. The UAE laws are very strict on the fitness of the vehicle. Make sure to get a fitness certificate from Road and Transport Authority (RTA). 

Step 2: Clearance of fines

Clear all fines before the commencement of the vehicle transfer process. All penalties can be conveniently paid via the Dubai police app and website as well as at the RTA centers. 

If you are using the services of wecashanycar to sell your car in UAE, then you need not worry as we take care of paying your fines as well as other paperwork required for successfully transferring the vehicle.  

Step 3: Transfer the vehicle

Finally, the vehicle is ready to be transferred to the new owner. The authorized agent appointed by you (with a valid POA), should be present with all the necessary documents. 

These include a UAE driving license/ Emirates ID, valid fitness test certificate as well as a valid insurance (having validity of more than seven months). The RTA representative would verify the documents, ask both parties to sign the sale and purchase agreement, and ask the buyer to pay the price to the seller and transfer fee to RTA.  

After all, this is done, RTA issues a new vehicle ownership card (or mulkia, as it is known in Arabic) and the number plate. This brings us to the end of the vehicle transfer journey.

Why should you use wecashanycar to sell your car from abroad?

As you saw, selling your car from abroad involves various steps. You need to get RTA certificate, clear all fines as well as renew your insurance if it has expired. These steps, at times, can be annoying for your appointed agent.

This is where wecashanycar comes to the rescue. We have always been at the forefront of providing utmost convenience to our customers. That is the reason we buy all kinds of second-hand cars in UAE. 

The best part is that your agent does not have to worry about RTA clearance, paying fines, or any other step of the vehicle transfer process. Our trained professionals will evaluate your car and offer you the best trading price for your vehicle. We can achieve this because we have the largest network of car buyers in the UAE.

To take convenience to the next level, wecashanycar  offers car valuation at home in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Just visit our website or call us at 800 WE CASH (932274) to book an appointment. 

So why go through the entire vehicle transfer process when you have the services of wecashanycar at your disposal?

Reach out to wecashanycar to sell your car for cash at 800 WE CASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.

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What happens to abandoned cars in the UAE?


Have you ever wondered about the fate of the abandoned cars in the UAE? 

The abandonment area (scrapyard) in Dubai is certainly one of the richest graveyards of the world! It is not just another junkyard crowded with discarded car parts and e-waste but also with several normal to high end cars.

How many cars are abandoned each year at the Dubai car graveyard?

Thousands of cars are abandoned each year and many of the abandoned cars are high-end luxury cars that are not popular for their mileage. The sudden plunge of the economy and the inability of hundreds of car owners to pay big debts has resulted in the abandonment of these million-dollar vehicles in the scorching sun.

What type of cars are people abandoning?

You can see all kinds of cars at the graveyard. You will probably find more variety than you can see at your typical car dealership. 

The cemetery is home to the likes of Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Porsches, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, and Nissan Skylines! However, dream cars are not the only ones that we find in the abandoned cars lots in the UAE:

  • Several sedans and SUVs with low mileage are meeting their end here since the economy plunged
  • All types of petrol and diesel cars previously owned by people who have contracted large debts

Why are people abandoning their cars at the Dubai car graveyard?

For many, dumping their cars is an easier-way-out than paying loans, filing for bankruptcy or paying for the transport of the car overseas when they move. Hence the number of cars in Dubai’s billion-dollar graveyard keep growing each year.

One of the reasons people abandon their car is because they are not able to find a buyer to sell their old car for cash in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The current downfall of the economy, sudden surge of unemployment and housing issues for expats have led to an increasing count of luxury cars ending up in the desert graveyard permanently.

Speeding tickets and parking fines in Dubai can be exuberant. Non-payment often leads to accruing penalties that are much more than the actual value of the cars.

Bankruptcy laws in the UAE do not apply to individual creditors and abandonment of high-worth assets is much easier than the perilous journey of debt forgiveness in the country.

Unpaid debts are a criminal matter in the UAE. A large number of expats dump their precious cars when unable to pay their automobile loans either due to pay cuts or loss of jobs in Dubai.


Who is abandoning their cars?

Dubai car owners are notorious for staying up-to-trend when it comes to their four-wheelers. Several owners with a “richer-than-rich” attitude feel the need to sell used car dubai as fast as the new models hit the road, but then end up accruing unpayable debts.

Even expats trying to escape the tough sharia debt laws of the UAE often get rid of their cars at the graveyard before they leave the country.

Other foreign citizens who have had to leave the country without the time or knowledge of where to sell second-hand cars in Dubai. wecashanycar’s objective is to serve those looking to sell their car for cash instantly and hassle-free during harsh times.


What are the risks of abandoning cars in Dubai?

Abandoning a car in the UAE is not without its risks.

If caught, the owner of the car can face serious charges including the pending criminal lawsuits for the non-payment of debt.

 It is an offence to dump cars as per the UAE law, but many locals, and not just the expats, take the risk instead of facing the criminal lawsuits.

If the abandoned vehicle is traced back to its owner, he or she can face exuberant fines.

The pictures of the £1 million Ferrari Enzo sparked an outrage on social media. Luckily, many automobile lovers and restoration experts find the right model they have been looking for and their engines roar with power once more! But that’s the story of the lucky few.

Don’t send your car to the world’s largest luxury car graveyard

What should you do with your old car?

Unless you want your old car to end up in a graveyard exposed to the harsh sun and all the dust, you should get in touch with a reliable second-hand car buyer like wecashanycar for the trade price. Wecashanycar buys any car Dubai has to offer after proper inspection and transparent car valuation.

If you have the ownership documents, Emirates ID, vehicle registration documents, original key (and the spares), service/accident history and the paperwork for your automobile loan, wecashanycar is the best place to sell your car for cash. The company will provide the best available trade price for your pre-loved car.

With the changing market demands, wecashanycar recently launched a very unique car valuation home service. You can now benefit from this high standard car evaluation service, right at your doorstep. A specialist will visit you at your home on a preferred day and time and will perform a free evaluation for your vehicle, after which you receive an offer for an instant cash for your car. 

Don’t be the one that sends their car to an untimely retirement

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