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Wecashanycar knows that the UAE has very specific driving conditions and traffic rules. That’s why we offer you the latest in getting the best out of your driving experience and staying on the right side of the law.

Make our advice blog part of your regular car catch-up, as you can get the latest driving tips, tricks, training and torque from our team of in-house experts and petrolheads.

It always pays to be a good driver. It’s a skill that constantly requires practise and polishing, or else your driving abilities can deteriorate . Likewise, no-one is a perfect driver. We all have the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and improve.

What makes a good driver?

It isn’t the car that makes a good driver. Attitude, skill and knowledge are the most important qualities for driving well. Let’s discuss this a bit more.


Having the right attitude in the right situation can be a make-or-break factor when it comes to driving. Good drivers are confident and calm in all situations. Don’t be the impolite or impatient driver. Not only is it rude to honk your horn unnecessarily or swerve in and out of traffic, because you’re in a rush, but it’s also incredibly dangerous. The best drivers are decisive and cool-headed. They’re courteous to other road users (drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike) and are proactive. This means that they can recognise situations and take corrective action without endangering themselves or others.


Having the right driving skills is about being in control of the steering, braking, accelerating, gear changes and clutch control. A good driver has an all-round skill, which they can apply to a multitude of different driving situations like freeway driving, parking or even tackling potholes. A good driver makes sound judgement calls that places less stress on the wear and tear of the vehicle.


Knowledge comes with experience and good drivers know that they should be paying attention on the road. They don’t allow themselves to become distracted with text messages, mobile calls, daydreaming or fatigue. Educate yourself about basic motor operations and plan for emergencies so that you know what to do when the time arises.

Tips to becoming a better driver

We’re sure you will agree that a car is a powerful piece of machinery? So, whether you’re a high performance driver or just a beginner, there is always room for improvement. Some of the ways you can improve your driving skills are by practising precision parking, adopting defensive driving tactics, making use of your vehicle safety features, adjusting your mirrors to cover your blind spots, minimising distractions, staying below the speed limit, avoiding driving when tired and practising good driving etiquette, like safe lane changing.

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