Head of Automotive Sales

Job typeFull Time
Experience5-6 years in the Automotive Industry
  • Dubai
Dynamic, data driven and agile sales manager with over five years of experience in the automotive industry and second-hand market. Responsible for building up the department’s revenue across various streams, improving profitability, and introducing new products and services to the company’s customer base. Candidate should possess strong e-commerce business understanding and expertise, with the right combination of process driven thinking and out of the box thinking attitude.

Key Responsibilities

  • Establish and implement the company’s sales strategy in the UAE leading to improvement in market share, brand equity, and customer satisfaction, with a consistent profit growth.
  • Manage customer relationships with our dealers, resulting in higher customer engagement, higher customer activity levels, and improved pricing.
  • Introduce new services across the customer’s value chain in-line with market requirements.
  • Overseeing the company supply chain ensuring an efficient stock status throughout, timely collection process, and effective product delivery process.
  • Driving price improvements continuously through data analytics and market-based pricing.
  • Monitoring of competitive offerings and activities.
  • Leading the introduction of effective sales programs internally, along with the creation of customer loyalty programs designed to improve long-term business strength.
  • Building a customer base that ties into current product mix, leading into a higher success rate of sale completion.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Minimum 5 years’ work experience in an automotive organization in the UAE, with deep understanding of the retail used car market in UAE.
  • Bachelor’s Degree (MBA preferred) with demonstrated experience in broad aspects of sales management, pricing, and e-commerce.
  • Strategic and structured business, sales & marketing understanding.
  • Analytical, data driven outlook with strong segmentation skills.
  • Focus on driving commercial results with measurable KPIs.
  • Operational excellence, fast to assess situation, recommend and act.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Effective Communicator and Coach with ability to build strong teams and forge relationships.
  • Arabic preferred