5 ways to take care of your wipers during the summer

man cleaning wiper blade with microfibre cloth

Windshield wipers are one of the most neglected yet vital parts of your car. Without functional wipers, it is difficult to drive safely during  rainy days. Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean and care for your wiper blades and wecashanycar has some great tips car maintenance tips for you.

Caring for your wiper blades

Sand and other dirt debris tend to lodge in the wiper blades causing damage and scratches on your windshield and wipers. In addition, the extreme weather in the UAE also increases the wear and tear of your wiper blades. You must therefore come up with a proper routine for caring for your wiper blades to ensure that they serve you longer.

Here  are some wiper blades hacks that are easy to follow:-

  1. Inspect your wiper blades regularly. Extreme temperatures and UV rays tend to damage wiper blades. You should therefore be on the lookout for damaged squeegee, discolouration and cracks on your wiper blades.
  2. Clean off your blades every month. Sand particles and other debris get stuck under your wiper blades especially if you don’t use them frequently. This will not only damage your blades but leave dirt streaks on your windshield each time you use your wipers. Since you cannot avoid it, minimizing sand damage on your car as it is very important. You can avoid accumulation of dirt and grime under your blades by wiping them off with a damp cloth on a regular basis. Even though you might be tempted to use the squeegee service at your gas station, it is necessary to inspect it for any debris and dirt to avoid leaving specks on your blades and scratching your windscreen.
  3. Use a protectant to keep the rubber in your blades intact. The rubber on your wiper blades is highly susceptible to damage because of the heat in the UAE. There are so many protectants that can lengthen the lifespan of your wiper blades. You can only use a protectant after you have cleaned your blades. You should also rub some vinegar on the rubber before spraying or smearing on the protectant.
  4. Avoid running your wiper blades on a dry windshield. When you run your wiper blades on a dry surface, you cause them to rub forcefully against the windshield. This in turn damages the wipers and reduces their lifespan. You can avoid this by filling up your washer liquid frequently and using it to wet your windscreen each time you need to clean your it.
  5. Park under shade. During summer, the rubber in your wiper blades will melt under the extreme heat. Parking your car under shade will protect your wipers from direct heat and inevitably increase their lifespan.

How will you know if your wipers are damaged?

  • Streaky marks. Wipers that are damaged will leave streak marks as it wipes the dirt off your windshield. You will need to change your blades if you notice small non uniform marks on your windshield after cleaning it.
  • Squeaky noises. You ought to be concerned if you hear excessive squeaking or squealing noises while using your wiper blades. This might indicate that your blades are struggling to clean off your windshield due to excessive wear or damage.
  • Skipping. Normal wiper blades move in one gliding movement. You should check your wiper blades for any damages if you notice any skipping or chattering movements.
  • Splitting marks. Most worn wiper blades have cracking rubber bits. This creates a rough edge on the blades causing splits on the wipers. You will notice the marks as you clean off your window.
  • Faulty frames. If any of your wiper blade arms is loosely fixed it will not work properly. It will inevitably break if you fail to secure it correctly.

When to change your wiper blades

Ideally, your wiper blades have a shelf life of six months after which you have to replace them. You can therefore purchase spare blades beforehand so that you replace them whenever necessary. Be sure to check your vehicle manual for the correct measurements.

Once you have your replacement blades you can follow these three simple steps to changing your wipers:

  1. Remove the old wipers. You can do this by lifting the arm of the wiper away from the windshield. You will then depress the small tab on the wiper underside and slide the blade from its arm by pulling it downward. Repeat the same process on the other wiper blades.
  2. Fix the new blade. To attach the new blade, slide it slowly into the arm of the wiper and push it gently into place. You will then pull it tightly to ensure that it is fixed inside the arm of the blade. You will know that the wiper is properly fixed once you hear a clicking sound which shows that the blade is fixed and locked in place. This process should be repeated in all the other blades.
  3. Test. You have to test the blades to confirm that they are all working properly. If it is not raining you can test your blades by pouring water on your windshield as you run the wiper blades.

With these useful vehicle maintenance tips you can easily take care of  your wiper blades and keep them in the right condition. Wecashanycar offers frequent advice on car maintenance, helping you to save your car from unnecessary damage or repairs. Sell your car online with our hassle free car valuation service, it’s the easiest way to sell my car for cash.


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