Why you need to participate in the Global Village car boot sale

entrance to the global village dubai

The Global Village is one of Dubai’s top tourist attractions. It is the first and largest regional multicultural festival in the Gulf region and has continued to attract millions of visitors every year. It hosts 75 pavilions, but is only open for around six months annually with seasons beginning in November and ending in April. This mega tourist attraction is renowned for its shows, concerts and food varieties. Wecashanycar highly recommends the car boot sales that are held at the village every Friday.

For as low as AED 150 you can rent a parking spot amongst the 18,300 parking bays and sell your personal stuff. Many people sell books, clothes, sports stuff, souvenirs, foodstuffs and toys among other things. These are the top reasons why  wecashanycar recommends the Global Village car boot sale:-

  1. Purposeful decluttering. The car boot sale  is the easiest way to get rid of clutter in your home. Whether you want to reduce the number of shoes in your wardrobe or sell the clothes that you have never worn, the Global Village car boot sale is your easy way out.
  2. Tax free money. This car boot sale allows you to sell off any used stuff without paying taxes. The fact that there are usually so many people visiting the venue on Fridays makes it a lucrative way to get rid of your old stuff.
  3. Kids playing area. Global Village has made it convenient for you to bring your children along to the car boot sale because of the children’s playing area. While you haggle with your customers, your children can play in a safe area.
  4. Free entrance to the global village. The ticket to the car boot sale gives you free access to any of the pavillions inside the Global Village. Once you finish selling off your stuff you can always check out some of the performances in the different pavilions.
  5. Access to food stands, toilets and ATM. There are food stands at the Global Village which serve cuisines from different countries and you can enjoy these while you sell your stuff. There is also easy access to washrooms and you can also get money from nearby ATM machines in case you need it.

How to succeed in the car boot sale at Global Village

If you want to succeed in the car boot sale at Global Village you will need to do a couple of things because you are competing with so many other sellers. The following are some of the tips that you can use to ensure that you make the most money and get rid of all the stuff in your boot:-

  • Do your research and price your stuff reasonably. If you are new to car boot sales and flea markets you might not be aware of how to price your stuff. You can avoid overpricing your stuff by checking out how similar products online are being priced.
  • Get a strategic spot. Location is always a factor in any business and with so many parking spots available you ought to target the right spot for your car boot sale. It is better to pay AED 150 advance fee rather than paying AED 200 at the gate. You should also get to the venue early enough so that you secure a strategic spot.
  • Come with change. Most of your customers might not have ready change available and it would be too cumbersome to run around looking for loose change. You can avoid this inconvenience by coming with a few coins and notes of smaller value.
  • Bring a friend to help. If you have great stuff you will easily attract a lot of traffic to your stand and this can be problematic especially if you are alone. Additionally, you might also need help whenever you want to relieve yourself or get food. To avoid confusion, you should have a friend or family member to help you during the car boot sale.
  • Carry your own decor. You literally get the parking space you pay for and it is advisable to bring your own tables and decoration to deck your selling space. A foldable chair and a clothes rack can also be great assets during your car boot sale.  However, you should avoid hiring tables and tents and keep your costs as low as possible.

Rules for participating in the Dubai Global Village car boot sale

To accommodate all the diverse cultures that participate in its activities,  the Global Village has some rules that you must abide by:-

  1. Dress code. This is very important because the Global Village can deny you entrance into the venue if you are dressed indecently. Visitors and exhibitors are required to be well covered and avoid revealing clothes.
  2. You must pay the required fees and keep time. You should ensure you pay off all the required fees before setting up shop. You have the option of paying AED 150 in advance and AED 200 at the gate. You should also ensure that you keep time as the car boot sale is only held on Fridays from 1pm to 5pm.
  3. No pets are allowed. Even though you might want to bring your pet to the car boot sale, the Global Village is a strictly no-pet zone.
  4. Respect the cultures. The Global Village is designed to accommodate diversity by bringing together different cultures. You must respect every culture by treating both your customers and any visitors you encounter with respect.

Ultimately, if you do not get a chance to participate in the Global Village car boot sale as a seller, you can opt to visit as a shopper and check out the amazing deals that the car booters might have. Wecashanycar is committed to bringing you the latest local car news in the UAE. So, check out our popular blog and stay one car ahead of the pack!


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