UAE traffic rules: expect to pay higher fees for vehicle confiscation

tow truck transporting an impounded mercedes g class

Vehicle confiscation is one of the stiffer penalties for traffic violations in the UAE. Some of the common traffic offences that attract vehicle confiscation include:-

      • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
      • Accumulating more than 23 black points
      • Failure  to stop after being involved in an accident
      • Carpooling
      • Jumping red lights
      • Failure to stop for the  police
      • Driving a noisy car
      • Having worn or damaged tyres

The UAE has now changed the regulations regarding vehicle confiscation and increased the amount payable by offenders to ease congestion and cover  transportation and parking costs.

Home impoundment & upfront vehicle confiscation charges

Even though vehicle confiscation helps curb reckless driving and control errant motorists, it is a costly affair. The UAE government has been struggling with the high costs of transporting and parking impounded vehicles. In 2017, the government introduced the Smart Impound System which facilitated home impoundments to reduce the high number of vehicles at the police yards. Further to this, first-time and second-time offenders were also given the option of paying upfront charges to have their confiscated vehicles returned earlier.

New transportation &  parking charges for confiscated cars

The new traffic regulations will reduce the costs and high number of cars that are impounded. Motorists will be required to pay for both transportation and parking on a daily basis. The following are the new costs for transportation and parking:-

Type of VehicleTransportation FeesParking Fees
Light Vehicle (up to 3 tonnes)Dh. 300Dh.20 per day
Other Light VehicleDh.40 per day
Heavy Vehicle (up to 7 tonnes)Dh. 2,200Dh.75 per day
Heavy Vehicle (more than 7 tonnes)Will be decided on a case by case basis


Apart from the new charges, the Dubai Police has contracted the Emirates Parking Company to manage the transportation and storage of all impounded vehicles. The Emirates Parking Company will be expected to transport confiscated vehicles within an hour to reduce traffic congestion.

Whether your car is confiscated for a traffic violation or a criminal offence, you will be required to adhere to the new rules involving  transportation and parking charges. Therefore, you ought to exercise more caution on the road to avoid the inconvenience and added extra expenses of vehicle impoundment. Follow the wecashanycar blog to get the latest on UAE traffic rules.


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