6 basic tyre maintenance techniques you need to learn

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Wecashanycar recommends that you practice proper car maintenance and that means taking care of your car’s tyres to increase the value of your car. Your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that come into direct contact with the road. They also affect the functioning of your car with regards to its performance, fuel consumption and overall safety. The fact that bad tyres have been linked to 5% of traffic fatalities in the UAE emphasises why you should maintain your tyres. Wecashanycar has identified six basic maintenance techniques that will help you get the best service from your tyres.

  1. Maintain the correct air pressure in your tyres

    Air pressure is one of the main things that affect the wear and tear of your tyres. Every tyre manufacturer has standard air pressure recommendations which you must follow to ensure that your tyres function optimally.

    Over-inflation leads to high fuel consumption as the car struggles to balance on its wheels. On the other hand, under-inflation is regarded as more dangerous as it is one of the top reasons for tyre bursts. You can avoid this by ensuring that your tyres are well inflated. During summer, you must be more vigilant and inspect your tyres quite frequently because the heat has a negative effect on tyre wear.

  2. Make sure you tyres are properly aligned

Sometimes your wheels might get out of alignment after hitting a pothole or a curb. When this happens you will notice a pulling sensation as you drive.  In some other cases, you will feel vibration sensations due to the misaligned wheels. This misalignment tends to cause uneven and rapid wear and tear of your tyres. You should therefore have your wheels checked for alignment at least every three months. Wheel alignment should be left to the experts so contact your local garage, car dealer or tyre outlet for help.

  1. Rotate your tyres regularly

Tyres tend to wear off at a different rate with front tyres wearing faster than the rear tyres. This is why experts recommend that you rotate your tyres after every 5000-7000 miles. Rotating your tyres will correct the uneven wear and tear thus ensuring that your tyres function optimally. In the long run, you will increase fuel efficiency and prevent misalignment of your wheels.

  1. Inspect your tyres for damage or faults

The heat in the UAE increases damages on tyres so it is essential to physically inspect your tyres at least every week or fortnight.  Besides checking the air pressure, you must be on the lookout for any damages on your tyres. Sometimes when you drive on rough terrain or hit potholes and curbs, your tyres can get cracks, cuts, tears and bumps. If left unchecked, these defects can easily cause a tyre burst and endanger your life on the road. You must, therefore, inspect your tyres and have any faulty ones repaired or replaced.

Further to this, you have to be on the lookout for worn tread when inspecting your tyres. You can easily perform the coin test to ensure that your tread is not below the recommended 1.9mm. Regular tyre inspections will help you replace your tyres on-time and replace any bald tyres that put you at risk for causing an accident.

  1. Reduce your driving speed and save money

Unknown to many drivers, speed tends to increase the wear and tear of your tyres. When you speed, you increase the friction between your tyres and the road, building up heat that eats away at your tread. In addition to this, your tyres can easily get damaged by sharp objects and debris when you drive too fast. You should, therefore, drive at the optimal speed for the sake of increasing the shelf life of your tyres.  

  1. Avoid overloading your car

Every car has its recommended load capacity and going above the limit puts a strain on your tyres. If you are travelling for a long distance you should reduce your load. This will increase your fuel efficiency as well as the lifespan of your tyres.


Basic vehicle maintenance techniques for better tyre car

Regardless of how well you maintain your car or tyres, you must replace your tyres once they are damaged, worn or reach the five year mark. Be sure to choose the correct tyres for your car when making any replacements. It is better to purchase your tyres from reputable dealers as this guarantees you authentic and quality tyres.

Even though most drivers in the UAE take little notice, tyres work hard on the road and without them, your car would be useless. Regular car maintenance is recommended to keep you safe and save you money. You can learn more about vehicle maintenance by visiting our blog. For the easiest way to sell my car for cash visit our website and get your car valuated at any of our locations or avail our at home car valuation service.


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