Top tips to make incredible UAE off-roading trip memories

An off-roading trip in the UAE can be the perfect adventure for those seeking a combination of adrenaline rush and scenic beauty. Both Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer various opportunities to indulge both amateur and professional off-roaders. Wecashanycar has come up with the best tips to make the most of your off-roading trips in the UAE.

Off-roading classes for new adventurers

If you are completely new to off-roading, the best place to start would be taking a few off-roading driving classes to familiarise yourself with the adventures. The instructors at Emirates Driving Institute and Al Ahli Driving School can provide essential tips on how to handle a 4×4 in different terrains.  Driving schools also provide refresher off-roading classes for those feeling a bit rusty.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of packages offered by touring companies. These can help you learn special tricks on difficult terrains from some of the finest and highly experienced drivers while enjoying a guided tour. Taking classes will not only help you master the mechanical drill of driving a 4×4, but also expose you to different topographies and possible off-roading scenarios that ultimately build your confidence during your adventure.

Join an off-roading club

If you already have a little off-roading experience and find little need for the classes, you can join one of the many off-roading clubs in the UAE. Although these are mostly informal groups, they are organised by experienced off-roading drivers. Through these clubs you can meet many off-roading enthusiasts and learn a few tricks. The off-roading clubs also provide a sense of security as activities are conducted in convoys and should anything go wrong, you can receive instant help. Membership charges and calendars of activities will vary with each group but you can always choose what works for you.

3 places to go for off-roading trips in the UAE

Even though most people go to the desert for off-roading, the UAE has an array of options for those who want to test the limits of their 4x4s. Generally, you can select your destination depending on the time that you have as well as your off-roading skills as different destinations present their own levels of challenges. Wecashanycar reveals the top off-roading UAE destinations that you can explore:-

  • Al Hayer Forests. If you are seeking some greenery in the middle of the desert, the Hayer Forests is your best option.  This gem found on the Dubai-Al Ain Road promises the perfect off-roading adventure for beginners and is a memorable camping spot.
  • Al Hajer Mountains. These range of mountains stretch from Ras Al Khaimah all the way to Oman and attracts all types of off-roading and hiking enthusiasts. You will find many wadis that beginner and advanced off-roading drivers can explore. In particular, the Wadi Naqab has a lot to offer for  those seeking a memorable family off-roading trip. A better alternative for those who want an adrenaline rush would be Jebel Yabir which is the highest peak in the UAE.
  • The Lahbab Sands. This popular off-roading spot is the perfect getaway from Dubai’s hustles. Located near the Al Malaiha settlement, on the right side of the Sharjah-Kalba Road, the Lahbab Sands are loved for its diverse terrain and scenic beauty which present a challenge for every kind of driver. New drivers will particularly enjoy the sandy, dirt track towards the Fossil Rock while the more experienced drivers can explore the Big Red sand dunes and rocks. Camping spots are also available for those seeking an escape from the city’s bustle. The Moreeb Dune in Liwa Oasis is the best option for those in need of a tougher adventure.

Tips to make your off-roading trip memorable

Now that you know where to go for your next off-roading trip, wecashanycar reveals the dos and don’ts to help you get through it successfully.

  • Check with the weatherman. The weather in the UAE can be extreme and any outdoor adventure is best done in winter. Before embarking on your trip, be sure to check on the weather updates as certain terrains can be treacherous during rainy and foggy weather.

  • Don’t go solo. Off-roading trips are more fun when you have company. However, the main reason why experts recommend that you go for these adventures in groups is because it minimises dangers.

  • Pack the right things. There are certain things that are deemed essentials for any off-roading trip. Amongst these include:-



    1. GPS and map
    2. Charged mobile phone
    3. Drinking water and snacks
    4. Spare tyre
    5. Petrol cans
    6. Jack
    7. Tyre pressure gauge
    8. Tow ropes and shackles
    9. Jump leads
    10. First Aid Kit
    11. Tool box
    12. Torch
    13. Blankets

Should you encounter any problem, these essentials will help you survive any adventurous drive.

  • Use the right car. Off-roading fanatics know that not all 4x4s are created equal and the car that you use in one terrain might easily break down in another topographic setting. Whether you choose a buggy, quad bike or vehicle, you should go for an off-roader that will manage the rough ride. If you have any qualms about your car, you should consider hiring a suitable motor vehicle. You also have to service your car before and after the adventurous drive.
  • Don’t be reckless. Much as off-roading is fun and adventurous, it comes with a lot of risks and you must be careful during your trip. Respect your limits and work on your driving abilities before attempting the bigger challenges. The more off-roading trips you go for, the better you will become at bashing the huge sand dunes.

Ultimately, off-roading trips are a great pass time. You should also research on what fellow off-roading fans have to say about different terrains as this should help you plan your trip better.

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