Top tips for drivers who are fasting during Ramadan

tired Muslim woman dozing off while driving

During Ramadan, the Dubai Police reports high numbers of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities. Besides the side effects of fasting such as low energy and dehydration, everyone wants to get home quickly during Ramadan. Sleeping patterns also tend to change during this festive season as most people who fast sleep late. The irregular meal timings combined with changed sleep patterns can also increase agitation, distraction and fatigue. Add the summer heat to all these factors and you have a recipe for bad driving and accidents. This is why wecashanycar has come up with smart tips to help you drive safely this Ramadan.

  1. Plan your journey well in advance. Traffic jams and delays increase during Ramadan and you ought to plan your journey ahead of time to avoid being caught up. You should plan for any delays by starting your journey ahead of time and where possible avoiding the rush hours. For instance, if you leave for work at 7 in Dubai you are less likely to encounter traffic as compared to starting your journey at 9 when everyone else is on the road. In case of traffic snarl ups you will still make it to your destination on time if you leave early.
  2. Be extra cautious. Road rage, reckless driving and distractions are more common during Ramadan. This is because most people feel exhausted and have low glucose levels which results in high irritability and poor concentration levels. You therefore have to be extra cautious when driving. Whether you are fasting or not, you must be alert, taking into account the movements of other drivers around you.
  3. Listen to your body. Your body will not function normally during your fast and in some cases you might not be fit to drive. You should pull over your vehicle if you feel sleepy or dizzy. These symptoms are usually caused by dehydration, low glucose levels and staying up too late. Do not insist on driving while feeling unwell as this can easily lead to an accident.
  4. Get sufficient sleep. There is always so much to do during Ramadan and it is hard not to stay up late. Even though it might be tempting to indulge, you should set a proper sleep routine so that your body can get some rest.
  5. Carry a backup meal for iftar. One of the worst times to drive in Ramadan is at sunset during the Iftar. This is because everyone is rushing to break fast. Any delays can obviously raise agitation and stress levels. You can avoid all the traffic melee by carrying your own iftar meal. This way, the delays will not affect your iftar and energy replenishment. You can pack a simple meal consisting of a bottle of water, dates, nuts, crackers or an energy bar. This will keep you energized until your main meal, preventing you from speeding to break fast.
  6. Stay calm. Ramadan is a time for peace and love and despite the physical strains that come with it, you should endeavor to remain calm in every situation. You can do this by being patient with others especially while on the road. You can also put on some music and meditate on the good things. This will help you avoid accidents and ruining the spirit of Ramadan.
  7. Avoid driving. If possible, it is better to use public transport while fasting. The metro rarely experiences traffic delays and you can use this time to reflect on your spirituality. If you intend to go this route, you should take note of the new Ramadan operation hours of public transport. If you are totally averse to the idea of using public transport, you can enlist the help of friends and relatives who are not fasting. These can be your designated drivers throughout Ramadan. Alternatively, you can also opt for uber and careem which are widely available in Dubai.

Ultimately, fasting during Ramadan will affect your driving abilities. It is up to you to recognize your limitations and do what is right and safe for you and other motorists. Avoid speeding because that endangers you and other drivers. Above all, you must purpose to make peace with those around you throughout the holy month. Get the latest updates in the auto industry and driving tips by reading wecashanycar blog.  


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