Top 3 electric cars at the Geneva International Motor Show


Arguably the biggest motoring event in the world, the annual Geneva International Motor Show brings together every car manufacturer worth their salt and is often used as a platform to reveal upcoming productions. If there is one thing that the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show revealed, it is that  electric cars are here to stay. In the recent past car makers have turned to electrifying their productions and the 2019 Geneva Motor Show was no different as electric cars dominated the show. Wecashanycar explores the top electric cars from popular car makers.


The Honda E Prototype

The one word that agreeably describes Honda’s first fully electric car is cute. Although the Honda e-prototype bears a strong semblance to the 2017 Urban EV concept car, Honda has made some changes in the 2019 model. Instead of the 3 doors like the Urban EV, the e-prototype has 5 doors. The infotainment of the e-prototype is quite sophisticated and features 3 giant screens that basically replace the dashboard. Two of the large screens are located in front of the driver and the passenger while the third screen is located behind the steering wheel, replacing the analogue instrument binnacles. Despite being made of synthetic material, the dashboard of the e-prototype looks and feels like solid wood.


However, rumor has it that the much-loved camera side mirrors on the 2017 Urban EV will make it to the new e-prototype. Nonetheless, Honda has claimed that the vehicle has a range of 124 miles while the battery can be refilled from empty to 80% in around half an hour. Although this mile range might seem very low, Honda expects that the e-prototype will be a city car and will therefore be used for shorter distances.


Honda has confirmed that the e-prototype displayed during the Geneva Motor Show will be availed in the market later in 2019 and that around 98% of the features on the exhibited vehicle will be retained in the production version. Additionally, Honda also revealed its intentions to make all the vehicles for its European market electric by 2025.


Peugeot E-208

The Peugeot e-208 dazzled many during the 2019 Geneva Motor Show mainly because of its unexpected stunning looks. A Dynamic front grille, sharp curves, new blade running lights and signature Peugeot headlights make for a sporty style. Looks aside, the French automaker piqued quite some interest with the all electric GT trim because of its 50kWh battery and a WLTP certified range of 211miles. It also comes with the 80% fast charge in 30 minutes option. The interior of the e-208 features the comprehensive Peugeot’s 3Di-cockpit infotainment system coupled with a 7-inch touchscreen that can be upgraded to 10-inch in higher trim levels. This is complemented with a roomy interior styled with a padded dash and carbon finishing around the central area. Higher trim levels also come with heated seats. Peugeot Driver Assist is incorporated into the e-208, making it quite a safe drive. With its style and great features, the Peugeot e-208 is expected to be availed in the market in 2019 fall and will be a stiff competition to the Renault Zoe and other cars in the same category.



In true BMW fashion, the German automaker used the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show to showcase a range of seven BMW plug-in hybrids, five of which were new models. Amongst these was the BMW X7 which stood out from the rest because of its huge and unique design. The X7 is the latest of the 7 series PHEV and it features a new plug-in hybrid system that includes an in-line 6-cylinder combustion engine that produces 210kW/286hp paired with an electric motor that has a rated output of 83 kW/113hp.


The largest BMW SUV yet, the X7 exudes masculinity mainly because of its huge size, massive grille and sharp angles. Nonetheless, it offers a huge cabin space that can comfortably seat seven people. It also features the latest technology and one of the things drivers will love the most is the ability to raise or lower the car at the press of a button. The X7 comes with a panoramic sunroof, albeit at an extra cost, complete with a range of star patterns that ooze off the luxurious Rolls Royce vibe at night. BMW intends to officially avail the 2019 X7 by the end of the year with experts predicting some serious competition between this marque and the likes of Audi Q7 and Mercedes Benz GLS.

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