10 tips for passing the RTA driving test

Woman happy from passing driving test

The UAE driving permit is a highly sought after document that can be used in 50 foreign countries. Unfortunately, thousands of experienced drivers and first time drivers alike, have failed the driving test several times before attaining their licenses. Nonetheless, the RTA road test is not as difficult as perceived and it is very possible to pass this test at first attempt. The following are some key pointers that can help you ace the driving test and get your license fast:-

  1. Adjust the mirrors and seat before beginning the test
  2. Check the handbrake and put the car into gear before commencing the drive
  3. Fasten the seat belt and instruct other passengers at the back to do the same
  4. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you
  5. Check the mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and entering the main road
  6. Wait until the road is clear before entering the main road
  7. Adhere to the roundabout rules. e.g. wait until the road is clear before entering the roundabout and indicate while exiting the roundabout.
  8. Shift to low speed lane before taking the U-turn in the fast lane from a roundabout
  9. Park in the right spot and parking in front of a gate or entrance
  10. Practice the traffic sign tests so so that you can have an easy time during the actual road test

Apart from the above tips, you must believe in your abilities and be confident during your road test on first attempt. Most of the examiners have blamed the massive failure on the lack of confidence by the candidates.

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