The importance of defensive driving lessons in the UAE

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Defensive driving is a set of driving tactics that help drivers to cope in different situations on the road. Unfortunately, despite all the stringent traffic laws in place, there are still many bad drivers on UAE roads. While regular driving classes give us the basic skills of driving, defensive driving lessons help you to master traffic rules and plan for different scenarios on the road. Most people often acquire on the road and this can be dangerous. This is why wecashanycar recommends that every driver goes for defensive driving lessons in the UAE. 


Benefits of attending defensive driving lessons

A driver who has undertaken defensive driving lessons is better equipped to handle different motorists and scenarios on the road. These are some of the benefits of attending defensive driving lessons.

  1. Increases awareness on road safety. Defensive driving lessons place great emphasis on road safety and drivers are taught how to drive cautiously and avoid hazards. Practical tips on how to tackle different scenarios on the road are offered during these classes. These can help you identify potential dangers when you are on the road and maneuver through them like a pro. In addition, In addition, you can also learn how to use your mirrors properly to focus on the road and the environment around you while driving
  2. Increases your confidence. Defensive driving lessons are essential for building the confidence of drivers, especially the new and less experienced who often fall victims of bullying on UAE roads. Confident drivers make better decisions. Even though confidence is important, many accidents are caused by overconfident drivers. This is why defensive driving classes also teach drivers how to avoid being overconfident and prioritise safety on the road. Through defensive driving lessons,drivers learn the dangers of being over confident and how this increases traffic violations and incidences.
  3. Developing escape plans. Every driver needs to know where to go in case they are obstructing traffic or in the face of danger. Unfortunately drivers often get confused on probable escape routes even in urgent situations such as giving way to emergency vehicles. If you are one such driver, defensive driving lessons can open your mind to different routes of escape in diverse day-to-day scenarios on the road. You will learn how to plan ahead of time and how to maneuver through dangers on the road.
  4. Making the right decisions. Drivers are often faced with many choices while on the road. You can learn how to face dilemmas and make informed decisions on the go by undertaking defensive driving lessons. Through these classes, you will become aware of the consequences of different decisions made on the road and the risks created by haphazard decisions.  This kind of exposure empowers you to think faster and more clearly when driving. 
  5. Keep your cool. Road rage is quite common in the UAE and many drivers struggle to keep their cool on the road especially when they feel offended. Defensive driving classes will teach you techniques of coping with bad drivers and maintaining your cool even on your worst days. This way you can avoid bad attitudes that commonly contribute to traffic accidents and become a level-headed driver.
  6. Driving in bad weather. Bad weather generally makes driving difficult and is often the cause of increased traffic incidents. Defensive driving lessons will teach you how to cope in bad weather and drive through rainy weather and sand storms like a pro. 
  7. Saving on fuel and protecting your car. Many drivers unconsciously engage in driving habits that increase the wear and tear of their vehicles. Apart from increasing trips to the mechanic, bad driving also raises fuel consumption, creating unnecessary expenses for many drivers. Defensive driving classes offer you tips on how to drive your car properly. This will ensure that you protect your car from premature wear and tear and reduce your fuel budget. 

If you are looking to improve your driving skills and cope better on UAE roads, you should definitely consider enrolling for a defensive driving class. Most driving schools offer these lessons for less than AED 1000. Defensive driving lessons often last for a couple of hours and within one afternoon, you can dramatically improve your driving skills. Do you want to learn more about driving safely in the UAE? Wecashanycar blog offers up to date driving tips to enhance your safety and skills.


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