The best ways to reduce your fuel consumption

woman filling gas at a pump station

Have you been dreading every fuel price announcement by the UAE government in the recent past? Are you struggling to cope with your rising fuel budget amidst the recent fuel hikes. Use these savvy tips from wecashanycar  to reduce your fuel consumption and expenses.

  1. Only drive when necessary. If you can use public transport or even walk, it is best to leave your car at home. This will help you reduce the amount of money used on fuel.  If you walk, you will reduce your fuel budget and give your body much needed exercise, thereby killing two birds with one stone.
  2. Avoid traffic and idling. The more time you spend in traffic jams, the higher your fuel costs. Traffic jams come with excessive idling and each time you stop and restart your car, your fuel consumption goes up. You can therefore avoid this by planning your journey and driving during the times when the roads are less congested. You should also use alternative routes that have lighter traffic. Furthermore, you must avoid engine idling for more than 10 seconds. 
  3. Check your tyres. Driving a vehicle with low tyre pressure tends to slow you down and this means your car has to burn more fuel to keep up. On the other hand, too much pressure also increases your speed unnecessarily therefore raising your fuel consumption. It is thus important to check your tyres regularly and maintain their pressure at the optimal level. In addition, you should also rotate your tyres and maintain them properly as they are in direct contact with the road and affect your fuel consumption.
  4. Avoid too much luggage. Piling your boot and roof rack with unnecessary heavy luggage will slow you down and raise your fuel consumption. Unless you really have to, do not carry heavy stuff in your car. Organizing your car properly will go a long way in reducing your fuel consumption. 
  5. Close windows and sunroof. Unknown to many people, any openings such as the windows and sunroof that let wind into a speeding car tend to cause your vehicle to struggle against the dragging effect. This results in higher fuel consumption which can be avoided by closing your window and sunroof.
  6. Accelerate smoothly. The way you accelerate also determines how much fuel you burn. By stepping lightly on the pedal and accelerating smoothly you can easily reduce your fuel consumption.
  7. Choose a more efficient car. The UAE has not been left behind in the recent global switch to electric cars. In fact, the government is offering mouthwatering incentives to ensure that more residents embrace the fuel -efficient electric and hybrid vehicles. Fortunately, there are so many electric vehicle options including luxury brands and affordable hybrids that will reduce your fuel consumption. 

Ultimately, driving safely and obeying speed limits is the key to conserving your fuel and, inevitably, the environment. If you are looking to trade in your fuel guzzler for a more efficient vehicle, visit wecashanycar to sell your used car


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