The 5 best tips for maintaining a car battery

Even though everyone hates a dead battery, very few people go out of their way to maintain their car batteries. In fact, many people driving used cars in Dubai end up replacing batteries that could easily have served them for a while longer. The hot weather might not be your battery’s best friend but wecashanycar has come up with 5 simple tips that will help you maintain a healthy battery:-

  1. Maintain the right electrolyte levels

Heat tends to evaporate the liquid electrolyte of your battery, thus weakening it and decreasing its capacity to function optimally. This is why you have to regularly check the electrolyte levels of your battery and refill when necessary. If your electrolyte levels are low, you should only use distilled water.  Be careful to avoid overfilling your battery levels.

Should you notice any cracks on your battery, you must replace it immediately. In case you are unable to replace it, let the water-acid mixture sit for a couple of hours before fixing the battery back into your car.

2. Clean your terminals

Sometimes the acid and copper sulphate from your battery may build up around your battery terminals. This build up can quickly ruin your battery as it reduces the surface area between the lead battery post and the terminal hence limiting the current flowing into the battery. You can clean off the  build up and any rust around your terminal by using a mixture of baking soda and water.

3. Watch out for sulfation

Sulfation usually takes place when the battery stays discharged for a long time and the voltage levels of your battery get too low. This causes lead sulfate crystals to accumulate inside your plates and amalgamate to form bigger crystals. The larger sulfate crystals tend to be more difficult to recharge and dissolve, and inevitably ruin your battery. Sulfation makes your battery weaker as it cannot hold charge for long periods. You can use a charger with a  de-sulfating option to dissolve the lead crystals and recharge your battery back to normal.

4. Store your battery when you are not using it

One of the things that kills batteries fast is the lack of use. If you are going away on a long trip or you intend to store your car during a particular season, you should remove the battery and store it carefully. When storing your battery ensure that you set it in a dry cool place and that the temperature in your storage area does not freeze as this will kill your battery. If you intend to store your batter for long, you must charge it. While leaving the battery plugged into a charger might seem like a good idea, it will ultimately lead to overcharging and ruin your battery.

A better option would be to buy a battery maintainer that will regulate the charging system and protect your battery from overcharging and undercharging.

  1. Fasten your battery properly

A loosely fixed battery tends to move and vibrate frequently resulting in short circuit and poor functioning of the battery. This also ruins the battery components. You can avoid this by securing your battery properly using an approved battery clamp to hold down your battery. Ensure that you tighten the nuts properly and avoid going too far beyond the point of resistance as this will damage your battery.

You must wear protective gear when handling your battery and avoid any flammables as this can cause an accident. Ultimately, should you decide to change your battery, make sure that you replace it with the right battery. With these simple tips, you will easily maintain your battery in top shape and use it for a long time.

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