How to sell a car in Dubai: get more cash for your used car

Salesman closing a deal on a car

Wecashanycar has been in the business of buying used cars in the UAE for more than three years. Having the largest network of buyers at our disposal means that we can know exactly what dealers are looking for in a used car. Take a look at our top tips for getting more cash for your car if you decide to sell your car in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Clean up the car

A clean car can hide the wear and tear of your car well, thus attracting more buyers for your car. You should thus take time to clean up and spruce up your car before putting it up in the market. Where possible, you can seek professional cleaning services to add an extra lustre and appeal to more customers.

Inspection report

Knowing the exact condition of your car will help you to value it appropriately. This is why you ought to get a thorough vehicle inspection before advertising it. Even though it is an added expense, a good inspection report can reveal repairs that you can make on your car to boost its value. Having an inspection report before advertising will also enhance your credibility amongst car buyers as it shows that you are an open car seller who values his car.

Take good pics

Pictures speak directly to potential car buyers and if you take good pictures of your car you will attract more customers. Fortunately, you do not need an expensive camera as most people selling their cars in Dubai take great pictures using their phones. You just have choose a clear background with proper lighting and ensure that your car is the only one in the picture to avoid confusing buyers.

Place a clear advertisement

When placing your car advertisement, you ought to give clear details about the car. You should also give any necessary information regarding the condition of the car that buyers need to know beforehand.

Research on its value

Conducting some research on the market value of your car will help you during negotiations with car buyers. You can do both online and offline research to find out the current price range of your car. In addition, you should also consider the market conditions and use these to your advantage.

All the above tips will help you sell your car fast and at a better price. Alternatively, if you have no time to sell your car privately and need fast cash for your car in Dubai, come to We Cash Any Car.


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