How to sell your car when out of the country?

The United Arab Emirates maintained it’s ranking as the happiest nation in the Arab World for the sixth consecutive year. This was announced in the World Happiness Report for the year 2020.

Do you know the secret behind maintaining this ranking for such a long period? The reason is that the government has implemented a slew of policies to provide the utmost convenience to its citizens. 

One of them is the option to sell your car when you are out of UAE. Many people have this misconception that it is really tough to do so and involves a lot of paperwork. The reality is otherwise. 

Sound’s interesting? Let’s find out!

Creating a power of attorney (POA)

POA is a legal document from your end that would give the other person (your appointed agent) the right to sell your car. It is better to grant a POA before relocating as it simplifies the process. However, if you haven’t done so, you can still create a POA while abroad. 

Faiyaz Chand, co-founder of, talked about the importance of POA in an interview with The National.  He mentioned that POA involves transferring power to a friend, family member or relative, so that they are entitled to sell the car on the owner’s behalf. 

He further stated that  “Car-sellers can get the power of attorney attested from the local UAE consulate.” 

Now we know how important POA is for selling the car when abroad, let’s find out how to get it. 

Step 1: Get it drafted by an expert.

You don’t want to create a POA only to find out that it got rejected by the government. In the worst case, it might even be misused by the other party.

Therefore, to avoid unforeseen problems, it is in your best interest to avail the services of a professional. He/she would draft the POA as per the UAE laws, which will have clear cut guidelines written on it. All this would ensure that things move on seamlessly.

Step 2: Get it legalized by the foreign affairs department

Since you will be using the POA in a foreign country (in this case, UAE), it is pertinent to get it attested by the foreign affairs department of your resident country to give it recognition and official status.

The foreign affairs department varies from country to country. Therefore, make sure you get it attested by the relevant authorities. 

Step 3: Attestation by UAE embassy and legalization in UAE

After you have successfully completed the previous step, you need to get the POA verified by the UAE embassy in your respective country.

Once completed, the last step in the verification chain is to get the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE. You need not be physically present for the attestation, instead, ask your appointed agent to do so.  Don’t forget to get the POA translated in Arabic before submitting it to the UAE authorities.  



Carry out the vehicle transfer process

Congratulations, the POA is now ready, and your appointed agent can now sell your car on your behalf. 

Let’s have a detailed look at what entails the vehicle transfer process.

Note: Most of these might already be in place before you have moved abroad. However, it is worth mentioning them again as a reminder.

Step 1: Pass the fitness test

This is one of the most important prerequisites for selling your vehicle. The UAE laws are very strict on the fitness of the vehicle. Make sure to get a fitness certificate from Road and Transport Authority (RTA). 

Step 2: Clearance of fines

Clear all fines before the commencement of the vehicle transfer process. All penalties can be conveniently paid via the Dubai police app and website as well as at the RTA centers. 

If you are using the services of wecashanycar to sell your car in UAE, then you need not worry as we take care of paying your fines as well as other paperwork required for successfully transferring the vehicle.  

Step 3: Transfer the vehicle

Finally, the vehicle is ready to be transferred to the new owner. The authorized agent appointed by you (with a valid POA), should be present with all the necessary documents. 

These include a UAE driving license/ Emirates ID, valid fitness test certificate as well as a valid insurance (having validity of more than seven months). The RTA representative would verify the documents, ask both parties to sign the sale and purchase agreement, and ask the buyer to pay the price to the seller and transfer fee to RTA.  

After all, this is done, RTA issues a new vehicle ownership card (or mulkia, as it is known in Arabic) and the number plate. This brings us to the end of the vehicle transfer journey.

Why should you use wecashanycar to sell your car from abroad?

As you saw, selling your car from abroad involves various steps. You need to get RTA certificate, clear all fines as well as renew your insurance if it has expired. These steps, at times, can be annoying for your appointed agent.

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The best part is that your agent does not have to worry about RTA clearance, paying fines, or any other step of the vehicle transfer process. Our trained professionals will evaluate your car and offer you the best trading price for your vehicle. We can achieve this because we have the largest network of car buyers in the UAE.

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