How to sell your car when it’s not registered in your name

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Many wecashanycar customers ask us  “What are the rules for selling my car in the UAE?” The simple answer is that the vehicle must be registered in your  name and free of any loans or fines. In fact registration is so important that failing to transfer a car to the rightful owner after selling or gifting it can attract AED 3000 fine. Unfortunately, not all car owners can register cars in their names because of these and many other reasons:-

  • Relocation of the car owner
  • Car Inheritance
  • Death of the car owner
  • Divorce
  • Gifts

Regardless of the reasons that your vehicle is unregistered or registered in someone else’s name, wecashanycar endeavors to help you sell any used car quickly. This article will explain the procedures of selling your car when it is not registered in your name.

This is how you go about selling a car that is not registered in your name
  1. Authorisation to sell the car. While it is much easier to sell a car in the UAE if both the seller and buyer of the vehicle are present, you must prove that you have permission to sell a car that is not registered  in your name. Depending on the situation, you might be required to provide authorisation documents such as the power of attorney, grant of probate and company letter of authorisation amongst other documents.
  2. Payment of all outstanding fines and toll fees. You must clear any pending traffic fines, black points and salik charges before you are allowed to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the new owner.
  3. Payment of any mortgage attached to the car. The UAE has very strict laws regarding debt and you have to clear all loans attached to your car before you sell it.  
Documents required to sell a car that’s not in your name
  • Power of attorney. This is a document that gives you the power to sell the vehicle on behalf of the owner. For this document to be valid you must prepare it in Arabic or have it in English with a certified copy translated in Arabic. It also has to be notarized by one of the public notaries. This will involve having the owner of the vehicle personally sign the document before a Notary Public in the UAE
  • Identification documents of the car owner. This can either be the UAE government issued ID or passport of the owner of the vehicle
  • Your government issued ID as the seller
  • Current registration card of the vehicle (Mulkiya)
  • Vehicle inspection certificate
  • Electronic insurance of the car
  • Reports from the police if any of the plates are missing
Documents needed if you want to sell a company registered vehicle
  • A copy of the company’s trade license
  • A sale authorisation letter in Arabic that is printed on the company letterhead and bears the official stamp of the company as well as the specimen signature of the company owner
  • Registration card of the vehicle (Mulkiya)
  • Emirates ID of the person assigned to sell the car
  • All the keys of the car
  • History book of the car
  • A Toqiyah that has been attested by the courts
  • No Obligation Certificate from the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone and Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA)
  • Vehicle technical inspection certificate
  • Electronic insurance of the vehicle
  • Number plates of the vehicle or letter from the police if the plates are lost
What if the owner of the car is not in the country?

You can still sell a car in UAE even if the owner of the vehicle is not in the country. The power of attorney is also compulsory in this case. The owner of the vehicle must take the power of attorney for attestation at the UAE Embassy in his or her country of residence.  Once he sends the attested document, you will need to have it attested at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. This can then be presented to the RTA together with other documents.

Selling a car of a deceased person

You will need a Grant of Probate to sell a car that is registered under a deceased person. This authorisation document is usually granted by the DIFC Courts. This is presented to the Dubai courts who will provide a letter It is easier to obtain the Grant of Probate if you are a legal heir to the deceased and have Executor powers in their estate. Additionally, you must also provide a death certificate to get the Grant of Probate. You will then present the grant and other needed documents to the RTA or Dubai Police to start the transfer process to the car buyer.

Process and procedures for selling a car that is not registered in your name

The process is quite easy once you have the necessary documents in place.

  1. You will present your documents to either the Roads and Transport Authority office or the Dubai Police Headquarters and request for  a vehicle permit application form
  2. The RTA will verify your documents and check for any pending fines and loans attached to the car. These must be paid in full before the vehicle is transferred
  3. Once the car is cleared, you will be required to fill in the vehicle permit application and pay between AED 300 and AED 1000 for the vehicle certificate. Please note that there is an additional service fee of up to AED 500 charged depending on the type of vehicle in question
  4. A vehicle certificate is issued under the new owner’s name as well as a sticker indicating the expiry date of registration and new number plates where necessary

If the vehicle registration has expired you will have to undertake the vehicle technical test to make sure it is roadworthy. The RTA inspection focuses on the chassis, engine, and tyres so you must conduct proper car maintenance. The fees for this are  between AED 150 and AED 440 depending on your car.

Further to the procedure above, there are additional steps and charges if you are selling the car to a person who lives in a different Emirate from where the vehicle is  registered. In this case, you will be required to transfer the vehicle to the new Emirate and you have to present a sale agreement showing that you have consented to sell the car. You also have to pay between AED 100 to AED 200 as service fees for the transfer certificate.

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Kindly note that the information above is for guidance purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Should you choose to use it in any other manner, wecashanycar will not bear any legal consequences that might occur as a result.



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