What is the value of your used car in the UAE?

Salesman working out the value of a customers car

Every person looking to sell a car always wants to get the best price. If you have been trying to sell your car in the UAE, you probably know how difficult it is to find the right buyer who will give you the best price? Based on our past experience at wecashanycar, and our car valuation service, we have come up with some of the things you need to consider when setting a price for your car.

What are the features and specifications of your car?

Just like you have to pay more money to buy a car with higher trim levels, you will also get much more for your car if it has higher features and specifications. Cars with leather seats, state of the art infotainment systems, high-tech safety and full option features tend to fetch higher prices than basic option vehicles; while  GCC specifications can also affect the selling price of your car in the UAE. You will get a lower amount for non-GCC cars because they are associated with refurbished accidented imports.

How much mileage has your car covered?

A car with high mileage usually signifies frequent use and higher depreciation. Due to this, car buyers often link high mileage to mechanical problems. In the UAE, a car that has already covered more than 50,000km will fetch a lower price compared to a car that has a mileage of 20,000km.

Has your car been serviced regularly?

A clean and well-maintained vehicle can impact  the resale value of your car. Even though many car owners service their vehicles regularly, most fail to keep evidence of this. A vehicle history card can increase the value of your car because it shows proper care and condition of the vehicle. A history card generally raises the trust of the potential buyer because they know exactly what repairs have been done on your car. They can therefore purchase it at a higher price without fear of any technical surprises.

Does your car have any modifications?

Many car enthusiasts in the UAE love pimping their rides. There are some modifications that can add value to your car. Additions such as a built-in navigation system and upgraded lush interiors can make your car more valuable. On the other hand, modifications that affect the engine, gear box, exhaust system, brakes, chassis and other major components of the car are not only illegal and dangerous, but also make it difficult to sell off the car.

Timing is everything

The time and season you choose to sell your car in the UAE is very important. Seasons can determine the demand of a car and therefore, its price. For instance, during winter, you can fetch a higher price for a car with a sunroof because most people want to buy such cars and enjoy the favourable weather. The price of these cars can quickly fall in the summer because of low demand.  During major holidays, such as Eid, and at the end of the automotive year, there is usually a rise in the demand for vehicles as compared to other months.

Why professional car buyers are the best option in the UAE

Ultimately, you should conduct research before setting the price of your car. Look through online car ads and get  some expert car valuation. This can help you gauge the market value of your vehicle and set a realistic price for your car that will attract a quick buyer.

It is difficult to sell your car privately in the UAE. Finding the right car buyer can take months or even years. In addition to this, private car sales are very risky and complicated if a car loan is yet to be cleared. Professional online car buyers like wecashanycar simplify this process by giving you instant cash for your car.

Besides a free inspection and valuation of your car, we usually provide live trading prices from our sophisticated car trading platform. This gives you a chance to get  the best price from the highest bidder. We have made car transactions easy, convenient and safe for anyone who wants to sell a car in the UAE.

Regardless of the make and condition of your car, we guarantee that we can offer you a good price and help you sell your used car quickly. If you want the best customer service and instant cash for your car in the UAE, wecashanycar should be your first stop as it is best place to sell your car for cash.


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