What happens during a vehicle inspection at wecashanycar before you sell used car for cash?

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One of the most important stages of selling your car at wecashanycar is the vehicle inspection. We base our instant cash offer for your car on the condition of your vehicle and as such we must inspect your car before buying it. Vehicle inspection is a major factor in determining the value of your car in the UAE. Wecashanycar explains what you should expect during your car inspection.


Vehicle inspection process at wecashanycar

Before we buy your car, we have to book your vehicle for inspection. This inspection is conducted by our expert engineers and can last anywhere between 20-30 minutes depending on the weather, model of car and its condition. During the car inspection, we focus on the following areas:-

  1. Vehicle Information. Our experts have to check the vehicle information as well as driver information before they start the physical inspection. To do this they will require the following documents from you:-
      • Emirates ID of the car seller
      • Registration card of the vehicle or Mulkiya
      • History book of the car
      • Copy of the company trade license (if you’re selling a company car)
      • A Vehicle Condition Certificate if the car was imported
  2. Car exterior. Once our team has verified your personal and vehicle information, they will conduct an exterior inspection. During the exterior check, they will focus on the following:-
          • The paint test. The first thing that they check for is whether the vehicle has original paint or has been repainted. A repainted car implies that the car has been involved in an accident and reduces the value of the vehicle. They will therefore screen each panel with a paint tester to confirm whether it has fresh paint or the original coating.
          • Scratches and dents. Additionally, they will also examine your car thoroughly to determine whether it has any dents or scratches. These usually compromise the looks of the vehicle and are factored into the pricing depending on how big they are. Wecashanycar has a few tricks on how to get rid of scratches and have your car looking brand new.
          • Windows and windshield. The car experts will check every window on your car as well as the windshield for cracks and chips. These can limit visibility and therefore influence the price of your car.
          • Lights and indicators. The inspectors have to test out the lights and indicators to make sure that these function properly.
          • Doors and bumpers. Besides checking whether the doors close and open properly, they will also inspect your bumpers to ensure that they are securely fixed.

3. Car interior. Basically the interior involves inspecting the inside parts of the car. The main things that our car experts look out for are:-

          • The horn to ensure that it works and produces the right sound
          • Seats and seat belts for any wear and tear
          • Dashboard and infotainment for proper functionality

4. Engine and transmission. Our inspectors also check your hood to inspect the engine and other parts. They look out for:-

          • Leaks, damages and rust
          • Battery
          • Coolant
          • Exhaust pipe
          • Emission system

5. Chassis. This check is done thoroughly because a damaged chassis is a sign of a bad accident. When inspecting the chassis, our experts look out for shocks, axles, coil springs and car frame.

6. Tyres. Our inspectors check the depth of your tread and wear and tear of each tyre on your vehicle. They will also look out for any punctures and wrong tyre sizes.

7.Test drive. The test drive is the final part of the inspection and is done to check whether the car operates properly. During the test drive, the focus is on the following:-

          • Brakes are tested to ensure that they work. Our experts usually test the brakes to make sure that they do not touch the floor and respond promptly. The brake pads are also inspected to check if they are worn out.
          • The steering wheel and steering column to make sure that the wheel turns properly
          • The AC is tested to ensure that it functions well

If our experts suspect any underlying issues, we will still be able to buy your car but on the condition that it passes the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) vehicle test. This is to indemnify us because no vehicle can be transferred to a different owner if it fails this test. Besides, most used cars in the UAE must undergo the vehicle testing every year during the renewal of the vehicle registration. Once the vehicle passes the test we will give you cash for your car and transfer the car to our name.

Wecashanycar has streamlined its operations’ process to help you sell your used car in the UAE in a quickly and safely. Get in touch with us today, so that we can book you in for free, on-site car valuation or an at home free car valuation to sell your car for cash.


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