Understanding the RTAs Vehicle Condition Certificate for used cars

Mechanic showing client what was done on her car

The UAE Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a new Vehicle Condition Certificate (VCC) that outlines the condition of secondhand or used vehicles. This serves to benefit the car buyer, who will now be afforded more insight about the vehicle they intend purchasing.

This is one of the reasons why RTA has introduced the new Vehicle Condition Certificate. This certificate describes important details of the car you are about to buy and will be availed to car buyers who need to know the condition of secondhand vehicles that they intend to purchase.

The Vehicle Condition Certificate issued by the RTA includes details such as:-

  1. the mileage of the vehicle
  2. the list of previous owners
  3. the condition during the last annual test
  4. number of times the vehicle has been impounded
  5. details of the actual condition of the vehicle

Despite the importance of this service, it is not guaranteed to every car buyer because the owner of the car must consent to the disclosure. If you want to obtain this information, you have to make a request it from the RTA who will then seek permission from the vehicle owner.

The Vehicle Condition Certificate is available for all vehicles including imports from Asian, European and American vehicle markets. RTA has gone ahead to collaborate with major used car dealerships in this service to ensure that they give accurate information for imported vehicles from these countries. This will ensure that buyers are not duped into purchasing lemons that have been involved in serious accidents and pimped outside to hide major mechanical faults. In order to access this service you will have to pay AED. 160.

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