Road rage: Tips to stay calm on the road

angry man driving and gesturing

From verbal abuse to honking battles and physical altercations, road rage is quite common on UAE roads. Unfortunately, even though drivers perceive it as a natural reaction, it can cause accidents and endanger motorists and road users. Wecashanycar delves into the causes of road rage and explains how you can stay calm on the road.

Why do people have road rage?

Road rage often happens during rush hour and traffic snarl ups. Most drivers get annoyed when they are denied right of way, or the vehicle in front of them is too slow, especially when they are in the ‘fast lane’. In fact, some drivers get so annoyed that they choose to overtake on the hard shoulder.

In addition, sudden braking, swerving and switching lanes without indicating is also a pet peeve amongst some drivers.Road bullies are also a major cause of road rage in Dubai and sometimes they use their cars as weapons or tools against smaller vehicles.

5 ways to keep calm on the road

Despite the temptation to give in to anger bursts and impatience, there are so many other things that you can do to keep calm.

  1. Plan your journey. Planning your journey will help you to make allowance for any delays and get to your destination on time. This will avoid any frustration during traffic snarl ups.
  2. Listen to music. Music is very important in reducing aggression and soothing drivers. When you play good music it will lift your mood,making you less offended by the actions of other drivers.
  3. Be the better person and driver.The UAE is a cultural melting pot with so many driving behaviours. Each time you are tempted to get annoyed you should try and think of them as your loved one. This will assuage your anger bursts and build your patience and tolerance for fellow motorists. In the long run, being a good driver in UAE can help you avoid traffic violations and even get discounts for existing fines.
  4. Think of the consequences. The UAE has stiff penalties for traffic offences. Before acting out of anger, you ought to ask yourself whether the consequences are worth it. Is raising your middle finger at a bad driver worth all the court sessions and the subsequent sentence? Are you willing to be involved in an accident just because someone cut you off ? When you reflect on your reactions you will avoid succumbing to your feelings of anger.
  5. Stop and breathe. In case you are extremely angered and unable to control your emotions, you should stop and breathe. You can park on the roadside and take a breather before you do anything that you will regret.

Inevitably, you will encounter bad drivers in UAE roads and it is natural to get annoyed. However, how you choose to react is your choice and you can avoid so much trouble by choosing to be a better driver. Get the best driving tips to help you cope on the UAE roads from the wecashanycar blog


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