How to register a new car in the UAE

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When you buy a car in the UAE you must register it before you can take it on the road. Sometimes the dealer you buy your car from will do the registration for you. However, in some cases you must undertake this process on your own. If you do not know where to start, wecashanycar has compiled this car registration guide just for you.

You must register your car every year

Every car owner must register their car immediately they buy it and renew the registration annually or else they will not be able to drive it. Depending on the Emirate that you live in you will need to conduct vehicle registration with the relevant authority. In Dubai you would have to register your car with the RTA while in Abu Dhabi and other Northern Emirates, you will need to work with the respective Police Departments. The Emirates Gate Vehicle also offers this service across the UAE which can be accessed online. 

You must produce the following documents before your car can be registered:-

  1. Valid UAE visa
  2. Valid driving license
  3. A vehicle insurance certificate that is valid for at least one year
  4. The previous registration card if you are renewing
  5. Letter from the creditor if the car is under finance
  6. A vehicle test certificate if your car is more than 3 years old
Registration process for a new vehicle

It is much easier to register the car if it is brand new than when it is used.  In fact, most dealerships will handle this process once you purchase the car from them. All you need to do is present the above documents at any RTA center in Dubai or the police department in Abu Dhabi depending on where you are. If your documents are in order you will receive the registration card, UAE license plates and sticker with the expiry date from a designated counter within half an hour. 

Registration of a used car

The process of registering a used car is a bit longer because you have to clear your fines and black points. In addition, if your vehicle is more than three years old you must take it for testing to determine if it is road worthy. These are the steps for registering or renewing registration:-

  1. Clear fines and black points with the traffic police
  2. Have the vehicle inspected at any certified Vehicle testing center and get the Vehicle test certificate 
  3. Submit the test certificate and all the other documents online or at any RTA or Federal Government Office in your Emirate.
  4. Get your renewed registration card
Fines for not registering your car

You can renew registration 30 days before the expiry date. In case you are unable to renew on time, you will have a grace period of 30 days after expiry to do so. If you fail to renew your registration within the grace period, you will be subjected to a fine of AED 20 monthly. Should you be stopped by the police while driving a vehicle whose registration has expired, you will be fined AED 400. However, if the car registration has expired for three months, your car will be impounded.

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