5 Reasons why your car needs a regular wash

Leave your car out in the open sky for five hours straight, and you will find it encrusted with dirt and dust. If you leave your car as it is, then you can get fined for having a dirty car. The fine might be exasperating, but this exasperation fades away when you look at the larger picture, i.e., keeping your car clean is for your own safety, and the sheer betterment of your vehicle.  

Apart from that, if you plan to sell your car, it needs to have a neat and tidy look. At wecashanycar, we have trained professionals for car valuation.  From experience we can tell you that an aesthetically pleasing vehicle always fetches a good value compared to its dirty counterpart. 

Here are five reasons why your car needs a regular wash. For those who didn’t know, it is cruel to let your vehicle live in the dirt, for it brings irrevocable damage to it.

By the end of this article, we hope you are no longer going to delay your next car-wash appointment.

  1. Create a favorable image

The basic human instinct is to remain neat and tidy. You shower to maintain your personal hygiene. Consider your car an extension of yourself that also needs regular washing. The more elegant it is from the interior and exterior, the better effect it will have on you.

Let us elaborate on what that means. Driving in a clean and nice-smelling car will project a positive image, enhance your self-esteem as well as improve your overall reputation within your circle. People may not say it to the face, but they absolutely hate sitting in a car that smells of sweat and socks, with the dust obscuring the view.

Put yourself in their shoes, and you’d know the reality. Even then, you may survive the mess, but your car is simply not designed to be that way.

  1. Protects from impurities damage 

Common dirt, raindrops, mud, bird droppings left unwashed, or salt on the roads can have an adverse impact on your car. If left unwashed for a long time, these impurities can permanently damage the paint, scraping it off, and leaving chips behind to rust. 

Dirt should never be allowed to bake on your car. This is why your car demands weekly washing if you intend to keep it fresh and new. Unwashed dirt will scratch off the protective coating, and eat the paint away in a matter of days.

  1. Increases Fuel Efficiency 

Tests conducted on the car in the past have proven that cleaner cars have 10% higher fuel efficiency than dirtier ones. Think of it in this way: it is mother wit to imagine the havoc, dirt, and debris would create on the engine.

Different types of impurities and sandy particles can restrict the engine to perform to its optimum. And if your car runs on average 1-2 hours per day, the debris would choke the engine in no time.

If you can handle cleaning your buggy at the engine and the curviest corners inside, go ahead. Otherwise let the experts handle the entire car washing process.

  1. Allows for Safe driving

A cleaner car keeps you safe. How? The more regular the washing is, the lesser the dirt settled. This keeps your vehicle neater for your next unplanned trip because clearer windows will improve visibility and hence reduce any mishap.

  1. Better Resale Value 

This is one of the best advantages of having a clean car. We did discuss it briefly at the start, but it is worth talking in detail about it.

If you intend to sell anything, you immediately scrutinize its overall quality before anything else. For cars, not only are they pretty on the eyes if regularly washed, their overall value and condition remain fresh as well. Cleansing cars internally and externally helps it live longer, sustain its brand-new condition and helps you sell your car in UAE at a better price than the standard. 

This brings us towards the end of the list of reasons why your car needs a regular wash. Remember, these tips will not only give your car a neat and tidy look, but will prove beneficial in the long run by keeping it up and running for a long time and giving your car a high valuation.

At wasashanycar, one of the things we look at before we cash your car is its overall condition. As we mentioned earlier, a clean car gives a new look, which will ultimately fetch you good cash..   

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give your car a much-needed wash.

Reach out to wecashanycar to sell your car for cash at 800 WE CASH (932274) or visit our website at wecashanycar.com for further information.


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