Become a performance driver in the UAE

Car in a high speed drift

If one of your goals this year is to get yourself into a performance driving class, then you could not have chosen a better country than the UAE. You will not only have a wide variety of options in terms of schools that provide performance driving but also enjoy complementary infrastructure as well as the best of super cars.

Choosing what kind of performance driving will best engage your motoring skills is a good start. Fortunately, as the luxury automotive Mecca, the UAE is home to many such schools. So, let’s find out what type of performance driving would best suit you.

Desert Drive Pro

Fun desert drives are one of the perks of living in the UAE and fans of sand dune bashing can take things a notch higher by signing up for a desert driving course. These courses are designed for those who wish to master off-road drives. You can learn how to traverse sand dunes, control your speed on rough terrains and extricate yourself safely when you get stuck under a sand dune. All these things are done under the supervised eye of experienced professionals. Besides learning and driving powerful modified vehicles such as the Ford F-150 and Jeep Wrangler, you also have the option of renting a Go-Pro video camera to document your fun lessons.

Track Race Driver

Whether you are a Formula One fan or harbor motorsport ambitions, taking a track racing course is an addictive adventure. Fortunately, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have highly respected performance driving schools with renowned professional track drivers who can give you firsthand tricks of becoming a certified race car driver. Even if you have zero experience in track racing you can still gain a lot of skills and confidence from the beginner courses.

Teenagers who aspire to become professional racers can also get a head start through some of the courses offered before they officially obtain their driving licenses. To top all these, you get to drive supercars like McLarens and Ferraris as you learn from the very best.

Pro Drifter

Long before “Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift” hit the screens, drifting was a famous thrill amongst petrol heads. Thanks to drifting lessons, this year you do not have to settle for the passenger seat as you watch a pro in action. These classes teach you how to master acceleration and braking, create loss of grip and control your car in a coned session and are conducted by pro drifters under safe conditions. Although both licensed and non-licensed drivers can enjoy drifting lessons, under 18 year olds require adult consent to participate.

Regardless of which performance driving course you take, you are bound to have the time of your life. Ultimately, you have to do your research and choose a driving school that meets your needs and budget. Just in case you decide to sell your car and get a supercar after your lessons, visit We Cash Any Car for superb car sale services and fast cash. Call us on 04338237 to book your free vehicle inspection.


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