New Rules for Recovery vehicles in the UAE

Recovery vehicle driver getting into his truck

Recovery vehicle drivers will now have to abide by new laws that are set to be implemented in March 2018. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has set up new standards and regulations for recovery vehicles and these are aimed at making roads safer for all road users.

The new laws cover the following areas:-

  1. The exterior of tow trucks
  2. Flatbeds of recovery vehicles
  3. Safety devices in tow trucks
  4. Licensing prerequisites for recovery trucks

Every recovery vehicle must have reflective stickers on every side of the body of the vehicle. In addition, the RTA now requires that the rear surface at the back of each tow truck must not protrude more than 70% from the axle point. The flatbed of each recovery vehicle must also not exceed the permitted driver’s cabin limit and this means that the maximum width of the extra elongated part must be longer than 5cm on each side.

Furthermore the flatbed must also be firmly sized to the chassis of the car and leave no space between the body and the flatbed of the car. The vehicle must have no sharp edges and a high quality protection rubber must be fixed on the rear bumper to protect the vehicle. Poles, and any wooden materials should not be used on the surfaces of these trucks.

It is also a must for the recovery trucks to be fully equipped with safety devices such as the reflective triangle and the orange warning lights and a warning alarm as well. RTA has also stipulated that recovery vehicles must comply with these new regulations before they can obtain or renew licenses for their vehicles.

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