Get the most cash for your used car: avoid online car valuations

Many car owners today rely on Online Platforms to sell their cars. Although there are many benefits of selling your car online in the UAE, there are also various disadvantages. Online car valuations are some of the poorest source of prices for your car. Wecashanycar explains why you should not trust car online car valuations.

Online car valuations are based on Incomplete car information

Most online car valuations simply require you to fill in a form with your basic car information. It is impossible to price a car accurately without inspection of the car. The information that you provide in the form does not take into account important aspects such as any car defects, paint situation and the actual condition of the vehicle. These are factors that affect the resale value of your vehicle and it is nearly impossible to evaluate a used car without considering them.

Further to this, online car valuations do not include a test drive of the vehicle hence cannot be used to give a true assessment of the vehicle. Most honest car buyers will confirm that only a physical inspection of the vehicle can be used to give a complete valuation. This is why every car seller that provides online car valuations in the UAE requires you to get another physical evaluation before they can buy your car. Based on this, it is difficult to trust the prices are generated online.

The prices you get online are often faulty 

Many customers who have had their cars evaluated online have often been shocked and disappointed once they get the actual inspection and prices are reduced by half. Unknown to these car sellers, online prices are generated by algorithms. This combined by the fact that the assessment is based on incomplete information, makes the prices generated by online valuations faulty. The prices are therefore misleading because unless your car is brand new you will never receive the actual price that you are given online. 

Online car valuations are a waste of time

So why do companies still give online car valuations, knowing very well that they are faulty and the prices given are misleading?  Even though it is unscrupulous, many companies still do this to drive traffic. To lure car sellers and ensure that you visit their offices for the actual inspection and valuation.

Fortunately, wecashanycar avoids this misleading trick and only offer you instant cash offers after inspecting your car. Our car buying service is absolutely free and we guarantee you a no obligation cash offer. We also handle the entire vehicle transfer process on your behalf making your car sale as hassle free as possible. Avoid disappointing online car valuations and other mistakes when selling your car in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by visiting any of our five branches to get an honest valuation and instant cash for your car.



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