How to minimize sand damage on your car in the UAE

SUV sand duning

Driving through a sandstorm is a common occurrence in the Gulf region, so you need to be prepared. This is especially true if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems. Find out how drivers can weather the dreaded sandstorm with these practical tips from wecashanycar.

Paint job

Sand tends to cling on to the body of your car and stick in crevices with chipped paints. This causes damages on the clear top coat of your paint and worsens any areas with chipped off paint. Since sand is composed of microscopic, sharp particles, touching the car full of embedded sand can cause scratches on your car. Fortunately, you can avoid this by rinsing off the sand with water after exposure to sand. You can either use a power cleaner or your hose to thoroughly rinse your car immediately after a dusty or sandy trip. In addition, if you often encounter sand, you ought to consider a wax job to protect your coat from sand.


The windshield is a crucial yet sensitive part of the car. Sand particles can cause small cracks on the windscreen especially if you are driving at a high speed. If your windshield already had cracks, driving through the sand can worsen the situation. Sand tends to get embedded in these cracks, weakening your windshield. Drivers who live in sandy areas should clean their windshields on a regular basis to avoid cracks and distorted vision from sand grains embedded on their windshield.

Air Filter

The air filters are the car components most affected by sand and can easily get clogged after a couple of trips to the desert. This can damage your car as clogged filters will reduce the airflow to the engine, leading to overheating. In addition, frequent exposure to dust and sand can clog up the cabin flter and contaminate your oil, forcing you to constantly service your car. You can avoid all these by removing your filters and cleaning all the sand off. You can leave these out to dry before fixing them back.

Ultimately, having frequent car inspections and thorough cleanups will help you to protect it from sand damage and minimize breakdowns as well as the expenses of repair.   



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