DIY tips for maintaining bright headlights

woman cleaning her vehicle headlights using microfibre cloth

Your headlights are some of the most important components in the exterior of your car. It is impossible to drive safely without functional headlights. Headlights illuminate the road and increase the visibility of our surroundings as well as other motorists and pedestrians on the road. The best part is your headlights require very little maintenance and  Wecashanycar has come up with a list of easy DIY tips that will ensure your headlights remain bright throughout.


1. Regular inspection

Even though many drivers tend to inspect and maintain their tyres on a regular basis, very few pay any attention to their headlights. A simple check on the state of your headlights can help you see better while driving and increase your safety on the road. When checking your headlights, ensure that you look out for:-

  • Cracks and defects on the lights
  • Dirt and debris inside the lamp
  • Worn gaskets and loose headlights

Regular inspection will help you address any issues on your headlights on time, saving you money and enhancing your safety on the road.


2. Drain out the fluid

If you have noticed any moisture in your headlights you should move fast to have it drained. Headlights tend to experience a sweating effect especially during high humidity. This can come in the form of steam or fog in your headlamps. When moisture accumulates in the headlamp, it not only reduces visibility but also blows up the fuses it comes into contact with and blows up the light. This can endanger your life on the road, especially if you have to drive at night without headlights. You should therefore find ways of draining or drying off any drop of moisture in your lamps. 


3. Replace cracked and broken headlights

Cracked and broken headlight are usually the point of entry for dirt and moisture to get into your headlights. Driving a car with cracked or defective headlights is also a traffic offense and can attract unnecessary fines. You must replace any defective or broken headlights immediately to avoid problems in the long run. It is easy to fix new headlights on your own and you do not have to pay a mechanic for this. 


4. Clean and polish your headlights

Just like other parts of your car, your headlights require to be cleaned. You can spare some time during the weekend to clean your headlights. All you need to get squeaky clean bright headlights is sandpaper, polish, wax and UV sealant. If you don’t have the time you can take your car to the car wash and request for this service at least every month. 


5. Use original spare parts

Should you decide to replace your headlights, ensure that you use original spare parts. Although counterfeits may be less pricier, they tend to get damaged easily and it is hard to find a perfect fit. 


Given the UAE summer heat, you are likely to drive through sandstorms and fog, and must ensure that your headlights are well maintained to enhance your visibility and safety on the road. Read wecashanycar blog to keep updated on regular tips for car maintenance and driving safely.


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