How to change your driving license from automatic to manual

Man shifting gears on a manual 5 speed car

Many people in Dubai who possess an automatic driving license often have trouble when it comes to driving manual vehicles. This is because it is illegal for holders of automatic transmission driver licenses to drive cars that are manually transmitted. Nonetheless, drivers who have a license that permits them to drive manual transmission vehicles are allowed to drive both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

RTA has sought to ease the drivers’ frustrations by giving them a chance to convert their permits to manual transmission driving licenses. In order to change a driving permit to manual transmission in the light vehicles category, drivers will be required to undergo some tests in order to get this license.

Unlike the normal driving tests, the conversion test will not require the drivers to go through training and they will only be tested on their abilities to handle the shift stick will be the main focus of the tests. The examiners will be assessing:-

  1. Proper handling of the gear stick while driving
  2. Smooth transition from one gear to the next in a manual vehicle
  3. Confidence in using the accelerator and brake pedals in a manual car

Drivers who fail the test will be given feedback concerning their performance and will be expected to redo the test until they satisfy the examiners that they are able to handle manually transmitted vehicles.

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