Getting a motorcycle license in UAE


For many adventurous souls, riding a motorcycle is a source of freedom and an exhilarating experience. With a motorcycle, you can avoid the boredom of traffic and enjoy nature. If you have been thinking of getting a motorcycle in the UAE, you can use this wecashanycar guide to get a motorcycle permit.

Requirements for obtaining a motorcycle license

Even if you have a driver’s license and you know how to operate  a motorcycle, you cannot ride a bike without a license. You have to follow the rules governing motorcycle licensing and use in the UAE. This means that you have to go for classes and take a test before you obtain your license. You must have the following to get the motorcycle permit:-

          • Your original Emirates ID and a copy
          • A copy of your passport with a valid residence visa
          • Eye test
          • No objection letter from your sponsor
          • 2 passport size photographs
          • Driving license or country license
          • Payment ( approximately AED 4,700)

Furthermore, you must also be at least 16 years of age to operate  a motorcycle in the UAE. You cannot get a motorcycle license unless you pay all the  traffic fines on your driving license.

How long does it take to get a motorcycle license in UAE?

Getting a motorcycle in the UAE can take up to two months. Just like a driving classes, motorcycle riding classes involve both theory and practical lessons. Ideally, you will need to complete a minimum of 15 hours of practical lessons before undertaking your motorcycle license test.

Students who have had a motorcycle license for at least two from their home countries can have their training sessions reduced to eight hours. On the other hand, if your country is listed amongst the 41 exempted countries you can transfer the license without undertaking classes.

The process of obtaining your motorcycle license

You must attend eight hours of lectures before taking any practical lessons. These lectures will help you understand how motorcycles work as well as the rules of riding one. Traffic regulations affect drivers and motorcycle riders and if you fail to adhere to them you will be fined. These can be done at your own convenience but will ideally be conducted within one week. The instructor will sign an attendance sheet after every class and you must therefore strive for full attendance. Once you complete the theory classes, you will be given a week to prepare for the 45-minute theory test. To proceed to the practical classes you must answer at  least 30 of the 40 questions correctly. You will then attend the practical lessons which are conducted in the premises of the driving school as well as practical road lessons. After completing these classes you will have to sit for internal tests and once you pass them you will be allowed to sit for the RTA external exams.

Passing the RTA motorcycle license test

The RTA motorcycle test is usually conducted by the licensing body and is the last step to getting  a motorcycle license in the UAE. if you pass this test you will get the license immediately. However, those who fail the test are expected to retake it. If you fail the test five times you will need to retake the classes before you can sit the exam again.

What laws affect motorcycle riders in the UAE?

Motorcycle riders have a bad reputation for breaking traffic regulations and endangering other motorists on the road. Splitting lanes and overtaking on the hard shoulder are quite common amongst many riders. Yet these are illegal in the UAE and can get you fined and your motorcycle impounded. There are also designated areas where you are supposed to ride your bike.

In addition, you must also have protective gear and the right clothes when riding your motorcycle. These will include a helmet and long sleeved shorts and trousers that cover your knees, gloves and knee pads. Failure to wear a helmet will attract AED 200 fine and four black points on your license. Ultimately you must be cautious because many reckless motorcycle riders end up getting into accidents.

Getting a motorcycle license in the UAE can save you from high fuel consumption and enable you to take many adventurous trips in the UAE. Should you decide to sell your car and get a motorbike, wecashanycar should be your first stop. We will help you sell your car hasslefree and get cash to buy your dream motorcycle.


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