Get fined for driving a dirty car in the UAE

Wecashanycar is committed to providing you with the latest UAE traffic rules and regulations. Did you know that we have some of the toughest traffic penalties in the world?  These are designed  to enforce order and reduce recklessness on the roads. Besides road worthiness, aesthetics are also an important factor in the country. Find out what we learned about  the new laws against harbouring a dirty car in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Stiff penalties for not washing your vehicle

In Dubai, driving a dirty car can attract a AED 500 penalty. In addition, motorists who fail to wash their vehicles and heed the warnings of the traffic department can also have their cars impounded and eventually auctioned.

On the other hand, Abu Dhabi has even stiffer penalties against this violation. In their quest to keep the city clean, motorists can be  fined up to AED 3,000 for having dirty vehicles in Abu Dhabi. But you’re in luck:  this is usually issued only after a series of warnings before the fines are actually effected.

Criteria for this traffic violation – when is a car too dirty?

While many car owners might be alarmed about this law, the authorities are very specific about what defines a dirty vehicle. The dirty cars that are fineable are those that have been left in parking lots for weeks or even months. These are usually covered in dirt, with some having a rusty appearance. Generally, vehicles that seem to have been abandoned in parking lots. There is therefore no need to panic if your tyres are covered in a bit of mud.

Steps for punishing dirty car owners

The authorities have also specified that they will take necessary steps to warn car owners before meting out fines for dirty cars. This will involve the following steps:-

  1. Placement of warning sticker on dirty vehicle
  2. 15 days grace period for cleaning your car
  3. Confiscation of the vehicle if no action is taken within the grace period
Why are there such high penalties for dirty cars?

You might be wondering why does the UAE have such stiff penalties against a seemingly innocent offense? The recent past has seen a rise in the number of abandoned vehicles in the country. Many car owners who can no longer afford their vehicles or have too many cars often write them off. This has led to a high number of dirty abandoned cars in the streets, creating an eyesore for our beautiful cities.

The laws regulating dirty vehicles are therefore a means of curbing vehicle abandonment in the UAE.

How to avoid being fined for having a dirty car

With such stiff penalties and even higher fees for vehicle confiscation in the UAE, you might want to keep your car clean and well parked. This is what you should do to avoid the high penalties for dirty vehicles:-

  1. Clean your car and remove any excess mud and dirt from its exterior
  2. Organise with your family members and friends to have your car cleaned and driven around whenever you travel
  3. Export your car to your holiday destination if you intend to be away for long periods
  4. Have your vehicle waxed at least twice every year to keep it looking new and shiny
  5. Park your car within enclosed premises and avoid street parking especially when travelling

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