The reason you should buy a GCC specified car

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For many people looking to buy a car or even sell a car in the UAE, the question of specifications always comes up. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the weight of this matter yet buying a car with GCC specifications in the Middle East is of high importance. If you have been wondering whether you should buy a GCC or Non-GCC spec car, this article will break it down for you.

Car specifications are usually tailored to the environmental conditions of a particular region. This often involves modifying features of a vehicle to make it suitable for its destined area of use. Vehicles with GCC specs are thus customized for the scorching heat and rough terrains, making them adaptable to the region. For Non-GCC cars, the harsh weather, sand, and rough terrains make for rough drives that accelerate wear and tear. This makes them susceptible to frequent breakdowns. There are 4 key components that distinguish GCC from non-GCC vehicles:-


The radiators in the GCC spec cars are enhanced to handle the unforgiving summer heat. This is different from the non-GCC cars which are too weak to cope with heated up engines during the hot days, leading to frequent breakdowns.

Air Conditioning System

The AC is one of the most important components of GCC spec vehicles. The air con systems are usually tweaked to handle the extreme temperatures of the Gulf region. On the other hand, the non-GCC cars usually end up overheating because they are not designed for such weather.

Rust protection

Due to high humidity, rust is a common problem in the coastal areas and vehicle manufacturers, therefore, add extra rust protection to GCC spec vehicles. This helps to prevent the rust from building up even during the most humid days.

Filtration system

The Gulf region is generally very sandy and dusty, and vehicles in this area require modified filtration systems because of frequent exposure to these elements. Unlike their non-GCC cars, the GCC spec cars have improved filtration systems to handle the sandstorms without getting damaged.

Apart from these four components, many insurers tend to raise the premiums for non-GCC vehicles because of their susceptibility to breakdowns and the fact that most imported cars usually have more underlying issues. Repair and maintenance of GCC spec vehicles are also much easier because of the accessibility of spare parts and garages that specialize in these kinds of cars.

Even though imported cars are often cheaper than cars with GCC specifications, they have a low resale value and sometimes finding a customer for such vehicles can be difficult. Inevitably, if you intend to use your car frequently and even sell it afterwards, you are better off buying a GCC-specs car.


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