Escape the Pitfalls and Scams while Selling Your Car

Selling your used car to purchase a new one is an exciting endeavor. However, you need to make a lot of critical decisions that might be nerve-racking.

For example, which types of buyers to go for who will give me the best price? How can I be sure that the buyer is not scamming me? These overwhelming questions can be a hassle for a lot of people who are selling their second-hand car in UAE.

But worry not, wecashanycar is there to the rescue. Operating since 2014, we aim to provide a hassle-free service for used car for sale in UAE.

Below we mention some of the prevalent scams in UAE, which you need to be cautious of and how wecashanycar helps you to avoid falling into those traps. 

  1. Bounced Cheques

Using cheques for carrying out business transactions in the UAE is a common sight. Even though the law deals strictly with offenders, the fear of bounced cheques is always there in the mind of the seller.

To overcome this fear of people putting up their used car for sale in UAE, wecashanycar uses bank transfer instead of cheques. This way of money transfer has dual benefits. It ensures tracking of funds by the seller, and the money becomes available maximum within 24-48 hours.

Now you can sell your car with quick availability of funds.

  1. Partial payment

Beware of anyone who makes a partial payment and says to pay the rest after a couple of days when he has fully tested the car. You are not a financial institution and deserve the full payment at the time of the sale. The buyer is required to fully check your car on the spot and move forward with the deal if interested. 

At wecashanycar, we have highly trained experts who provide car valuation by thoroughly analyzing it from every angle. Once the vehicle passes our evaluation, we pay the full amount through bank transfer. This gives you the peace of mind, and you don’t have to wait to receive the other half of the payment.

  1. Driving on old number plates

As per UAE laws, it is necessary for the new owner to transfer the ownership of the entire vehicle (including number plates) to their name. Also, the new owner should get car insurance.  If you are putting up your used cars for sale in Dubai, you can get information about the vehicle ownership transfer from the RTA site.

In case these things are not done, and the car meets an accident or is caught by law enforcement agencies, the previous owner will incur all the fines as the vehicle was in his name. Therefore, while selling the second-hand car in UAE, sellers should ensure that the vehicle transfer process is carried out to avoid unforeseen problems.

At wecashanycar, we not only provide you a service to sell used cars but also assist you in the vehicle transfer process and provide you with the RTA transfer certificate.

Also, if you want to keep the number plate with yourself, we also have that option for you.

All these services ensure that you don’t face any problems after you have put up your used car for sale in UAE and can go home with peace of mind. Wecashanycar is a one-stop shop for all your vehicle selling needs.

  1. Negotiating at the time of transferring the ownership

This is another trick used by a con artist to lure people into selling their second-hand car in UAE at the least possible price. Here is how the trick works.

The buyer agrees at a price, and you are elated that finally, the car will be sold. You then move forward to carry out the necessary due diligence to transfer the vehicle ownership, and suddenly the buyer changes his mind and wants you further lower the price. 

What would be your first reaction?

You will definitely be bemused and most probably agree to the new price put forward by the buyer. This is not because the new offer is satisfactory, but you have already started the vehicle transfer process and don’t want to miss out on the deal.

The end result? You lose, the buyer wins.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this situation, and that is to sell your car through a reputable car buying company like wecashanycar. Since we are a professional company, we won’t renegotiate the price- once agreed-  at the time of the ownership transfer process or at any other point.

As a seller of your used car, you need to be aware of all these frauds that might occur at the transaction point. The list contains the most common ones that a person might encounter.

The best way, as we mentioned earlier, to avoid all the problems and ensure that the entire process of sell any car in Dubai is convenient is to avail the services of a professional car selling company like wecashanycar. 

At wecashanycar, we not only provide top-notch car selling related services- e.g., an evaluation of your vehicle, providing the best price, etc.- but are also involved in other necessary things.

This includes, but is not limited to, the RTA vehicle transfer process and paying the fines. These services ensure that you get everything under one roof. All this gives you peace of mind, and you no more have to be afraid of being a victim of fraudulent activities.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and let our experts handle the matter while you enjoy your cup of coffee.

Reach out to wecashanycar for expert advice at 800 WECASH (932274) or visit our website at for further information.


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