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The engine is the heart of the car and must be well maintained for a vehicle to function properly. Besides the safety factor, the engine condition is one of the things considered during your car valuation when you decide to sell your car in the UAE. During the UAE summer, cars tend to break down more frequently, leading to high repair costs. Wecashanycar reveals three engine checks that you must make before summer to prepare and maintain your car engine and avoid breakdowns and unnecessary expenses.

The top four engine checks for summers

1.Vehicle Fluids

Your car engine depends on the engine oil and coolant to function properly. Ideally, your engine oil must be brown in color and fill up to two-thirds of your air filter. Good oil is usually translucent and viscous enough. You should seek mechanical help if you notice any gunk, black, discolored or milky debris in your engine oil as this signifies engine issues. Additionally, you must also be mindful of any burning oil smells as this is also an indicator of engine problems.

“In summer, your engine oil tends to thicken due to heat and this can cause your engine to struggle. You must therefore ensure that you use the correct engine oil for your vehicle.”

Changing your oil on a regular basis will go a long way in maintaining a healthy engine and avoiding summer breakdowns.  Wecashanycar offers you some savvy DIY tips for maintaining your car battery, proving that you do not even have to go to the mechanic for an oil change.

Your coolant is the green sweet smelling liquid that helps to regulate the temperature of your engine and without it your engine is bound to overheat. You must check your coolant levels regularly prior to and during the summer as it evaporates quickly. You must also ensure that your coolant has enough antifreeze especially during the hotter months. We recommend that you park your car in the shade to protect your engine fluids.

2. Engine noises

You can tell the health of your engine by how well it starts and runs when you switch on your vehicle. A functional engine will start without problems and any struggling, stalling and huffing at the turn of your key should alert you of underlying engine issues. You should also pay keen attention to the noises that your car produces while you are driving. A smooth engine will run quietly.  Seek out your mechanic if you hear any knocking, banging, hissing and pinging noises coming from your engine.

3. Leakages

One of the main causes of engine problems is leakage. This can come in the form of an oil leakage or coolant leakage that ultimately causes an engine malfunction. Sometimes leakages go unnoticed until it is too late, so  you should check your hood for any spills, stains and pools of liquids. It is also advisable to park your car on a clean concrete slab for at least 12 hours so that it will be easy for you to notice any significant fluid leakages.

4. Emissions

Another indicator of a healthy engine are the emissions that a car produces when it is switched on. A healthy engine will usually produce clear, unnoticeable emissions while a problematic engine will emit smoke and produce coloured fumes. You should seek mechanical help if you notice white, black or blue smoke from your exhaust pipes.

Besides these four checks, you need to pay close attention to your engine especially when driving. You can test your engine at different speed levels to determine how it behaves and spot any issues early enough. It is also necessary to have a compression inspection before summer as this can reveal any serious engine problems.

Unfortunately, engine problems tend to escalate quickly and if you ignore any signs mentioned above and wait for the engine warning light, you might end up incurring a huge repair bill in the long run.

Wecashanycar posts regular car maintenance articles about how to care for your car during different weather seasons. Read our car advice blog to get some cost-saving car maintenance tips.


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