Driving while fasting? This is what you need to know

arabic man driving his luxury car during ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is an important time to reflect, bring joy and exercise self-restraint. Despite the benefits of Ramadan, reports across the UAE show a rise in the number of emergencies and traffic accidents during Ramadan.

Why are there many accidents during Ramadan?

Health experts and doctors attribute the rise in accidents and road rage during Ramadan to the following:

  1. Low blood sugar. Due to long hours without food, your sugar levels will drop. This in turn reduces the amount of energy in your body, making you listless and unable to function properly. In addition, those with medical issues tend to have adverse reactions such as dizziness and fainting.
  2. Caffeine and nicotine withdrawal. Most people love their cup of joe or tea in the morning. Many smokers also have several cigarettes during  the course of the day. Failure to indulge in caffeine and nicotine leads to withdrawal symptoms and affects your normal routine.
  3. Poor sleep patterns. During Ramadan many people stay up late while socialising with friends and family. Disrupted sleep routines and lack of rest make it difficult to stay awake on a normal day. This is why many drivers who are fasting sometimes doze off and experience high irritability as well as poor focus.
  4. Dehydration. While most people tend to eat a lot of food during iftar, they forget to hydrate  and drink enough water. This leads to digestive problems and dehydrates them even further. Indigestion and dehydration can drive any motorist uncomfortable enough to be irritable throughout the day.
  5. Iftar rush heightens road rage. As Iftar approaches, many drivers who are fasting tend to be in a rush as they all want to break fast. This causes traffic delays which raises irritability and road rage as well as increasing accidents during this period.

What to do if you are driving during Ramadan

Now that you are more aware of what might affect you during Ramadan, you can use these wecashanycar tips to drive safely and avoid accidents.

  1. Avoid driving when unwell. You should not ignore any feelings of lethargy, withdrawal, dizziness and sleepiness. Driving under these conditions endangers your life as well as those of other motorists. You need to listen to your body and avoid driving when unwell. You can ask friends who are not fasting to drive you or use public transport.
  2. Leave room for delays when planning your trip. You are most likely to experience many traffic delays during Ramadan. It is advisable to leave room for such delays when scheduling any journey. Furthermore, where possible, avoid driving during Iftar because traffic snarl-ups are at their peak and many drivers get frustrated.
  3. Drink up during iftar. Remember to drink lots of water and fresh juices when you break fast. This will keep you stay hydrated and healthy throughout your fast.
  4. Develop a proper sleep routine. Even though you cannot avoid socialising with your family and friends during Ramadan, you ought to set a proper sleep pattern and stick to it. Your body and mind need sufficient rest during fasting to function properly .
  5. Be patient with others. You are bound to feel frustrated at one point when stuck in traffic. You must exercise patience, keeping in mind that Ramadan is a time for maintaining peace and nurturing your spirit. You should exercise meditation and listen to the quran and calm music during your drive.
  6. Carry a packed iftar meal. If you must drive during iftar, be sure to carry a small meal with you. This can consist of water, dates, fruit and an energy bar to keep you energised until your  actual meal.

Despite its benefits, fasting will affect your physical abilities and driving behaviour. You should listen to your body and avoid driving if you feel unwell. Regardless of how you feel, you must obey traffic laws.  In this regard, it is important that you avoid speeding and give way for emergency vehicles. No matter how frustrated you are, strive to maintain peace and spread the spirit of Ramadan. Wecashanycar brings you the latest helpful information during Ramadan, like tips for drivers who are fasting and Ramadan timings for paid parking, public transport and services. Get the best driving tips and latest automotive industry updates from wecashanycar blog.


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