Don’t forget your children in the car: savvy tips for parent drivers

mother fastening seat belt of her sleeping child

Most people think that only bad parents leave their children in the car during hot summers. Yet, hot car deaths are often a horrible mistake that can be made by any parent or child minder. In 2015 177 children were left in the cars with police rescuing most of them. Wecashanycar has established a few things that you should do to avoid this mistake:-

  1. Leave something important in the back of your car

Most parents leave their children in the backseat because of forgetfulness and the need to rush. When you put important things such as your phone, purse, documents or briefcase in the backseat, you will most likely have to pick these before leaving your car. Even if you have to rush somewhere or are operating on autopilot mode, you will be forced to go back to your car if you forget anything important inside your car.

2. Lock your car doors after getting out

Not every hot car death is as a result of parents forgetting their kids in the car. Sometimes children get into the car unnoticed and lock themselves inside while playing. You should ensure that you lock all the doors of your car and boot to avoid this scenario. It is also essential to keep your car keys out of the reach of children. Make sure that you explain to your children the dangers of staying inside a locked car and other traffic laws that they need to follow.

3. Make a habit of checking your back seats

You are less likely to forget your child in the car if you make a habit of checking your back seat each time you leave your car. You can retain this habit whether you are driving with your kids or not.

4. Put the child seat in the middle

The middle seat is much more visible from the rearview mirror as compared to the seat behind the driver. You should therefore place your child car seat in the middle back so that your child is constantly visible to you.

5. Discuss hot car deaths with other child minders

While you might be careful enough not to forget your child in the car, other people who take care of your child might be mindless of this issue. You can help them and protect your child by discussing the topic of hot car deaths and the methods you use to prevent this accident.

6. Place your baby items in a visible place

When you have your child’s toys and stuffed animals in your view, you instinctively remember them. This helps you to avoid forgetting your child in the car.

7. Post a note on your dashboard

If you are worried that you might leave your child in the car, you can place a note on your dashboard to remind you to leave the car with them. Setting alarms to remind you of your child’s schedule will ensure that keep tabs of where they are all the time.

Besides these, it is necessary to schedule constant communication with your children’s minders. This will help you to remember wherever your child is and prevent a hot car accident. Establishing a proper routine when driving with your kids will also help you maintain safety. Ultimately, no parent wants to leave their child in the car and you can avoid this by following the above tips. Wecashanycar constantly updates drivers on best practices and safety driving measures in the UAE.



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