Get 100% discount on your traffic fines in Dubai

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Nobody likes to pay fines and yet you cannot avoid paying traffic fines as this can lead to accumulated debt and even prevent you from selling your car in Dubai. If you have pending RTA traffic fines, wecashanycar has great news for you. You can now avoid paying off all your pending traffic penalties by simply being a good driver. In line with the UAE’s 2019 theme of “Year of Tolerance” the Dubai Police Department has announced a major traffic fine bonanza for all motorists with accumulated traffic fines. The only condition for taking advantage of these discounts is a clean driving record.

Dubai drivers can enjoy up to 100% traffic fine discounts 

Starting 6th February 2019, drivers who maintain a clean driving record for 3 months will be eligible for a 25% discount on all their existing traffic fines while those who maintain a clean traffic record for 6 months will get a 50% traffic fines discount. Motorists that avoid traffic violations from 6th February 2019 and maintain a clean record for 9 and 12 months respectively will enjoy 75% and 100% discounts on their accumulated traffic fines.

The Police and Traffic Department intends to use these new discounts to encourage drivers in Dubai to be more cautious and maintain safety on the road. Even though these discounts may come as a great relief for Dubai drivers who have accumulated fines that need to be cleared, there are terms and conditions that must be met.

  1. 25% discount on all traffic fines will be offered for drivers who do not commit any violations for 3 months starting from 6th February 2019
  2. 50% discount on all traffic fines will be offered for drivers who do not commit any traffic violations for 6 months starting from 6th February 2019
  3. 75% discount on all traffic fines will be offered for drivers who do not commit any traffic violations for 9 months starting from 6th February 2019
  4. 100% discount on all traffic fines will be offered for drivers who do not commit any traffic violations for 12 months starting from 6th February 2019
  5. The 25%, 50%,75% and 100% discounts can only be enjoyed by those who do not commit any traffic violations for 3,6,9 or 12 months respectively starting from February 6th 2019. This means that if you maintain a clean traffic record for 3 months commencing February 6th 2019 and commit any traffic offence after this period without having claimed the 25% discount, you will not be eligible for the discount. You can therefore not go back to claim a discount once you commit a violation
  6. The traffic fines that are discounted under this policy include those relating to black points and impounded vehicles. This is therefore an easy way to clear your black points and pay less fines for confiscated cars
  7. Parking tickets and salik violations are not included in the discounts
  8. Only vehicles registered in Dubai can enjoy these discounts as the initiative is offered by the Dubai Police
  9. Drivers who stay outside UAE for three months consecutively after committing a traffic violation will not be able to enjoy these discounts
  10. The Dubai Police will closely monitor all your records to ensure that you meet all the conditions before issuing your discount when you are renewing registration or paying off your traffic violations

Easy installment payments for traffic fines in Dubai

Even if you are unable to enjoy these discounts for one reason or the other, you can still take advantage of the installment payment options offered by RTA in conjunction with local banks to pay off your traffic fines easily. Depending on your bank, you can convert your traffic fine debt into sizeable monthly installment payments at no extra charge. Most banks require a minimum of AED 500 in outstanding traffic fines to enjoy the instalment plans which can be spread over a period of 12 months at 0% interest rate. The Dubai Police Traffic Department  has also minimized the hassles of paying traffic fines as you can easily do this via various online means. Payment of traffic fines in Dubai can be done via the following ways:-

  1. Dubai Police Website
  2. Dubai Police Application
  3. Dubai Smart Government Mpay Application
  4. The RTA Website
  5. Call 901 Toll Free
  6. Online bank payments
  7. Apple Watch

Unless you are directed to visit the RTA or Dubai Police offices in person in order to clear your traffic fines, you can use any of these online payment methods. Better still, why not challenge yourself to become a better driver by avoiding all traffic violations this year and get the 100% discount on all your pending traffic fines. Read wecashanycar blog for tips on how to drive safely and maintain your car in superb condition. wecashanycar is the best place to sell your car for cash and we also provide a free car valuation or at-home car valuation service. To sell car UAE and get a free car valuation Dubai or Abu Dhabi get in touch by clicking here or by calling us on 800932274 and get cash for your car!


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    • Kindly contact Dubai Police and they will assess whether you qualify for the discount, then you can proceed with the registration process.

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