The UAE clamps down on counterfeit auto parts

Mechanic working on a car

The issue of counterfeit auto parts is a huge problem across the world and the UAE has taken stringent measures to curb this menace. Starting October 2018, auto parts that do not have the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) will not enter the UAE market. This new regulation is expected to enhance the safety of motor vehicle spare parts as well as control their sale and use in the country. The law is part of the 2016 UAE Vehicle Control System developed by ESMA that aims to create a comprehensive and harmonized regulatory framework for the transport and automotive sector thus improving the overall safety of vehicles and minimizing the number of traffic accidents on the UAE roads.

Once in place, this law will govern every aspect of vehicle safety management, including, but not limited to vehicle testing facilities, auto garages, auto manufacturing and body workshops.

Even though the new law will only affect new parts that enter the UAE market during the initial implementation stage, ESMA expects local traders to comply with the set standards and get rid of any substandard auto parts within one year. The new system will not only specify the standards of vehicle spare parts but also define the criteria for technical soundness, safety, and performance of each motor vehicle part that is manufactured, imported, sold and used in the UAE.

In order to eliminate counterfeit auto parts, ESMA intends to create a database of every spare part that is manufactured or imported into the UAE which will, thus, ascertain that all the standards set are met. The regulator will also monitor transportation, storage and use of spare parts that meet its standards.

Subsequently, ESMA will spread its regulatory checks to the mechanics and workshops as well garages. This will ensure that mechanics have the correct skills to work on vehicles while controlling the quality of services offered by auto workshops in UAE. Using genuine parts also ensures a higher valuation for your car and get a higher cash value for your car in the UAE.

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