9 Fun Facts About Cars That Will Spellbound You

Have you ever been bored of commuting daily from home to work or vice versa? If so, the below 9 fun facts by wecashanycar will change the way you look at your vehicle. 

  • It would take less than a month to drive to the moon by car

You have probably searched a number of locations on Google Maps to see how long it would take you to reach the destination by car. But have you ever thought how long it would take to reach the moon? 

While Google Maps would probably tell you not to go there, mathematically, you should be able to reach in less than a month at a speed of  60mph.

  • The average car is made up of 30,000 unique parts

Isn’t it amazing? An average car has around 30,000 parts working seamlessly every single day, without stopping or breaking down every day. That actually makes a car quite a remarkable piece of machinery. Next time you sit in your car, see how many parts you can count just from the exterior!

  • On average, 60 million cars are produced each year

That’s an incredible number of cars, equaling almost 6785 cars per hour or 115 cars per minute. Bikes still outnumber cars, though at more than 100 million a year. Interestingly, the number of bikes and cars produced globally was almost the same up until 1965 (approximately 20 million for each). 

  • There are currently 1.4 billion cars being used in the world 

Today, almost 1.4 billion cars are on the road, compared to only 670 million in 1996 and 342 million in 1976. No wonder there is so much more traffic now! 

That is not the end. The number is expected to skyrocket to 2.8 billion by 2036. One can only imagine the traffic situation then.

This also means there will be a lot more people involved in buying and selling cars in the coming years than ever before. 

  • White is the most popular car colour

One would think this would have changed over time, given the many options available now. However, white still remains a clear global winner for the 9th consecutive year, with 38% of vehicles made in white. The runner up is black at 19 percent followed by gray at 13% and silver at 10 percent..

  • The fastest engine car swap was in just 42 seconds!

Common sense would say that removing and replacing a complete car engine would take some time, right? That doesn’t hold true for the 5 British Marines in Portsmouth.

In November 1985, these men amazed the world by removing the engine in less than a minute. On average, it takes around 2-3 hours to do the task.

  • Cars only spend 5% of their time on the road

Where else would they be, you might be wondering? Parked? Yes, you guessed that right. 

Cars spend a good 95% of their life being parked. If you think about it, the amount of time you actually spend driving your car isn’t that much. 

On a typical day, you pick your car up from your garage (or wherever it is parked) and take it to work. You park it there. Then you come back and park it at home. The same applies to other journeys: going for shopping, visiting friends, etc. Hence, it makes sense when we say that the average car is parked most of the time. 

  • The inventor of cruise control was blind

This is perhaps one of the most remarkable and unbelievable facts, but it holds true for both used cars and new ones. Ralph Teetor, the inventor of cruise control, was blind from the age of 5. He was an extraordinary engineer who later became president of a large automotive parts manufacturer. 

As legend has it, he was once traveling with his lawyer who was not a very skilled driver, and the constant speeding up and slowing down led to Ralph coming up with this invention.

  • Toyota is the most sold car in the UAE 

This might come as a surprise as the UAE is known for its luxury lifestyle and cars. You will find a lot of Ferraris and Lamborghinis on the road. However, Toyota outnumbers every other automobile brand in the country. 

A report released by statista showed that 30 percent of all automobile sales in UAE are Toyota followed by Nissan which stands at 20.6 percent. This applies to both second hand cars in the UAE and the old ones as well. 

This complements the internal statistics of wecashanycar for the period January to June 2020, which shows that Toyota and Nissan top the chart of second-hand cars for sale in Dubai and all over the UAE. Each Toyota and Nissan accounts for almost 10% of the total number of used cars for sale in the UAE that we receive. 

This is followed by Ford, which stands at almost 9%.

If all those fun facts makes you fall in love with cars and you are now looking to sell your car to purchase a new one, get in touch with wecashanycar. 

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